Difference ‘in Your Circles’ & ‘have You In Circles’ – Google plus

You can have circles in google plus.Circles is Google’s one of the fantastic way of grouping your friends and family in Google+ depending on category, relationship, business needs, and so on. It is a very eassy process to add contacts into a circle, but it may not be easy to anyone who’s just starting.For those people I want to clearify about this topic. I hope after reading this article you can identify the difference between ‘in your circles’ and ‘have you in circles.’

Google Plus Circles
Google Plus Circles

How to Create a Google+ circle

  • In the Navigation menu, click or touch People.
  • Click or touch Following.
  • Click or touch NEW CIRCLE.
  • Name your circle, then click or touch CREATE.


Difference ‘in Your Circles’ & ‘have You In Circles’ In Google+

Though the two may about very similar, but they’re not similar.

In your Google+ circles

‘In your circle’ means thal someone (like Nehal) is a member of your circle. If you created a circle named ‘School friend,’ and then you dragged Nehal to that group, then Nehal is in your circles. Its means that You are the owner or creator of that circle. You can control the settings of this circle. but Nehal is just a member of this circle.

Have you in Google+ circles

‘Have you in circles’ means you are now in Nehal’s position. Somebody creates a group and dragged you in this group. You are just a member of this group. You can’t control the settings of this group.

Lets have a example. One of your friend has created a group named College friends. He dragged you to this group. Now you are a member of this group.

Hope you will understand this.This an easy way to know this information. I will come with many information about google plus. So, stay connected with us.