How To Cancel Your Sending Mail

Hi friends ! welcome to my new trick. this is a very essential trick also. This trick name is How To Cancel Your Sending Mail.

Now you’r thinking how can it possible ? Yes friends ! I am telling you this is possible. This is very important thing that How Can We Cancel Our Sending Mail. Suppose you’r typing a mail and after some time you complete it. Suddenly you sent the mail to your boss. But that is not for your boss that is for your best friend. If your boss will angry about it your job must be in danger. Now what can you do ?

I have the solution all of these type problems . That’s why I am going to share you the trick. As a result you’ll be safe from all of this problem. You have to do some task to done the operation. It’ll give you some time to undo your mail.

So freinds ! lets go to my trick How To Cancel Your Sending Mail.
1. Firstly you need to go to your gmail account.
2. Go to setting which is in top right side corner.

How To Cancel Your Sending Mail
Undo mail

3. Cheek Undo Send and click to Undo Send.

How To Cancel Your Sending Mail
How To Cancel Your Sending Mail

4. Set the time you want.

After all you have the opportunity to undo your sending mail.

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