Starting HTML Web Page Design Full Code

Tihs is code for html table full code. First practice for Html page Design.. Now go and we try to HTML Web Page…

HTML Web Page Full HTML Code for Practice

<title>html table code</title>


<body background="img/Yealink cp860 feture.jpg">
<p> Html Table,</p>

<table border=0 width=740px>
 <td height=120px bgcolor=#999999>1</td>
 <td colspan=2 bgcolor=#999999>ads</td>
 <td colspan=3>
 <table border=1>
 <td ><a href="/">Home</a></td>
 <td ><a href="/about-us.html" target="_blank">about Us</a></td>
 <td >News</td>
 <td >Service</td>
 <td >Product</td>
 <td >Contact Us</td>
 <td colspan=3>3</td>
 <td height=400px>4</td>
 <td colspan=3 bgcolor=#999999>@2016-2020</td>




html table code




HTML Web Page Full HTML Code Result:

Html Table,

1 ads
Home about Us News Service Product Contact Us
4 5 6



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