Android Partial Screenshots

Here you can learn with the help of a cool app that will allow you to take the cropped screenshot of any part of your Android interface how to take Android partial screenshots . If you want to learn then follow the below guide to proceed.

We all know about screenshots but most of us don’t know about partial screenshots. That’s why today we will show you how to take a partial screenshot. You can capture whatever happening at the time around you. Here we presenting a snappy depiction of whatever happens to be on your show at the time. Google gives us many thing. Now Google has been exploring different avenues regarding another component to take Partial Screenshots.

Partial Screenshots
Partial Screenshots

Google gives this feature on latest android device like Naugat 7.1.1. The first launch of Screenshot Crop & Share will welcome you with a very nice introduction explaining the features of the app and it is accessible for nothing on the Google Play Store. Here we giving some steps to take partial screenshots on Android.

  • Search Screenshot Crop & Share on google play store and Install it.
  • For the first time it will welcome you with a very nice introduction explaining the features of the app. It will likewise ask for the required consents all together for full usefulness, so make a point to concede those.
  • When everything is green and good to go hit ready, then make sure to grant the storage permission request that’ll pop up if you’re on Android Marshmallow or even higher.
  • When the app is all set up, feel free to exit it and don’t hesitate to take your first screenshot. You don’t have to do anything uncommon, only capture a screenshot like you typically would.
  • When you do that, a Material Design bubble toolbar will open up and give you a variety of options— share, save, including edit, delete and cancel.
  • We’ll select the edit option (the pencil) because of we need to take a halfway screenshot. Make your changes, and then save your partial screenshot—it’s as easy as that.

The best thing about this app that it will work on all Android versions, from Android KitKat to the latest version of Android Nougat. It will give you many awesome features even it doesn’t matter if your phone has a manufacturer skin—from stock to LG’s UX to HTC’s Sense, Android to Samsung’s TouchWiz , this app has you covered. Hope you like our trick and enjoyed it very much. Stay with us to get more awesome tricks.