Edit Anything On Facebook

Hello guys ! welcome to CodeExercise and today we will talk about a secret trick about Facebook. There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media of the world. Now we can do many thing with facebook. Facebook gives us many features to stay connected with our friends and family. You can talk to many people through this. you can make fun with your people by using facebook. So, that’s why today we are here with a secret trick about facebook that’s called Edit Anything On Facebook. This trick will help you to make your fun to a great level. So, let’s know about it…

So, friends ! we are going to tell you about a trick in which you need to use java language. Are you getting scared ? Don’t worry about it. You no need to learn java language. But you need to do the task with a lit bit java language. We will show you the simplest way to do that. If you already know about java language then it will be so easy to you. If you don’t know then you no need to worry.


There is something you should know about this trick. This trick is for temporary. You can change anything on your facebook for temporary to make great fun with your friends. Your friends will be shocked to see your activities. You can use it by capture it. It means you need to do screenshot after edit your facebook. Through this screenshot you can make fun with your friends. So, let’s start….

  • Firstly you need to open your browser like google chrome.
  • Then go to facebook.com
  • Login to Facebook Account.
  • Now you just need to type javascript: to the address bar and then copy the bellow text and paste it on your browser address bar after javascript:
Address Bar
Address Bar


  • Now hit Enter.
  • From now you can edit anything on your facebook.

Through this easiest process you can edit anything on facebook for temporary. But you can make a great fun with all of your friends and family. Hope you understand. Comment us on comment box if you don’t understand.