Lesson-09: Basic Webdesign: Part-09

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Basic Webdesign: Part-09

We have discussed in the last

How to learn Web design

8 part about HTML. Today we will discuss CSS. In CSS tutorial, I will present CSS simply to you.

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CSS (CSS) is full of Cascading Style Sheets. CSS This webpage elements, structure, size, shape, color, etc., are set. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), a non-profit organization on 17 December 1996, CSS was developed.

The structure to create an HTML webpage. However, it is not enough to HTML for web design. It is not possible to design without CSS. In other words, a site created by the HTML without CSS would look like skeletons. CSS will learn to create a full website. Some of the CSS code can be changed by changing the design of the site. However, only CSS can not be made through the website. First, the structure of the HTML structure is made through the site. Then, the site is designed to CSS. It basically works as a Web design tool. Learning HTML with CSS to create a full-fledged static website. Learning CSS is not difficult to learn much.

Why do we learn CSS

Web Design & Development learning CSS terrific learning requirements. In addition, the CSS has some special advantages.

If you use CSS on Web pages faster lodah If you do not have to use HTML tag ayatribiutagulo times. Tags designed by you just set the CSS will then be applied to all the pages. This will reduce the amount of coding on your web site will load & faster.

Advantages of each attribute in the HTML tag for the control set is designed. As a result, changing the attribute to change that. But CSS’s just a code to change the site design can be changed. In other words, the website’s design can be easily controlled.

Suitable for use on all types of devices using CSS upayogih. Kantentaguloke the CSS website can be tailored to optimize the use of all kinds of devices. Which is not possible with HTML.

Learning CSS extemporaneous

CSS will have to learn to know HTML. Web Design HTML tutorial has been discussed in the first 8 episodes. CSS to learn a text editor (for example; Notepad) will be required. Each computer is the default Notepad. However, adabhansa text editor (eg, Notepad plus plus) would be better. Because, in general Notepad and Notepad plus plus there are some differences that you can use to understand. In addition, you can use Adobe Dream Weaver. The computer with an Internet browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.) have to be installed. Eksaplarera default Internet browser is installed on each computer.

In addition, the CSS code for this color is very important. It is not possible to remember all kinds of color codes. So, you can use color codes to see Pixie Color Picker. With this software you can effortlessly find the color code for any.

Hope, you have understood. If you have any problem, comment in the comment box. I will try to solve your problem.