Make Your Android Always Online From WhatsApp And FB Messenger

Hello friends ! welcome to CodeExercise and here you can get a lot of trick and make your daily life smart. We post here various kinds of tricks. Today we will discuss about a cool trick that can help you to stay in online all the time. And the cool trick name is How To Make Your Android Always Online From WhatsApp And FB Messenger . In this trick you will able to know how can you get your WhatsApp or FB Messenger account online. Let’s see about it…

FB WhatsApp Online
FB WhatsApp Online

WhatsApp and FB Messenger is one of the best android apps for mobile messaging in android phone. In this trick you can make your FB and Whatsapp apps always active in your android mobile with the help of two possible ways that we have discussed right here with which you will always appear online on these giant social networks. This is one of the amazing tricks for fooling your friends by always stay online. In this post, we will show you how can your make your Whatsapp and Facebook status always online from simple settings.


So, bellow we are giving the steps to do your WhatsApp or FB Messenger online all the time. Let’s do it…

  • First of all make sure you are running the newest version of WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Then go to your Phone Settings.
  • After that select Display.
  • And then Screen Timeout.
  • This option may be different on your phone. But, you have to select the Screen turns off automatically option.
  • Now select Never option.
  • As you select Never option your mobile screen will never go to sleep until you press the lock button.

Now you just have to switch your device network ON and then open your account on FB or WhatsApp. Your screen stays on, then your “Last Seen” also stays online. Hope you like it.