Mobile Network Code With Country Code – US & UK

This is a list of Mobile Network Codes (MNC)s And Mobile Country Code (MCC)s in the United States, used by GSM and other wireless networks using the IMSI format to uniquely identify wireless subscribers indifferent of device or phone number. The MNC is the series of digits immediately following the mobile country code, or MCC & he mobile network code, or MnC. For a full list of MNC/MCC combinations worldwide.

Mobile Network Code & Mobile Country Code
Sample Mobile Network Code & Mobile Country Code

Mobile country codes (MCC) And mobile network code (MNC) are used in wireless telephone networks to identify mobile stations. The mobile country code consists of 3 decimal digits and the mobile network code consists of 2 or 3 decimal digits (for example: MNC of 001 is not the same as MNC of 01).

A mobile country code (MCC) is used in combination with a mobile network code (MNC) (also known as a “MCC / MNC tuple”) to uniquely identify a mobile network operator (carrier) using the GSM (including GSM-R), UMTS, and LTE public land mobile networks. Some but not all CDMA, iDEN, and satellite mobile networks are identified with an MCC/MNC tuple as well. For WiMAX networks, a globally unique Broadband Operator ID can be derived from the MCC/MNC tuple.


TETRA networks use the mobile country code from ITU-T Recommendation E.212 together with a 10-bit binary mobile network code. However, a TETRA network may be assigned an E.212 network code as well. Some network operators do not have their own radio access network at all. These are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and are marked in the tables as such. Note that MVNOs without their own MCC/MNC (that is, they share the MCC/MNC of their host network) are not listed here.

List of Mobile Network Codes And Mobile Country Codes

in the United States.

MCCMNCNetworkOperator or brand nameStatus
3110Mid-Tex Cellular Ltd.Mid-Tex CellularOperational
3100Mid-Tex Cellular Ltd.Mid-Tex CellularOperational
3102Sprint SpectrumSprintInactive
3103Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
3104Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
3105Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
3106Consolidated TelcomInactive
3108Corr Wireless CommunicationsInactive
3109Edge Wireless LLCInactive
31010Verizon WirelssVerizonOperational
31110Chariton Valley CommunicationsChariton ValleyOperational
31011Southern Communications Services Inc.Inactive
31611Southern Communications ServicesOperational
31012Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
31013Alltel WirelessAlltel WirelessOperational
31015Southern Communications dba Southern LINCInactive
31016Cricket CommunicationsOperational
31017North Sight Communications Inc.Operational
31020Union Telephone CompanyOperational
31120Missouri RSA 5 PartnershipOperational
31023VoiceStream 23Inactive
31024VoiceStream 24Inactive
31025VoiceStream 25Inactive
31130Indigo WirelessIndigo WirelessOperational
31030Centennial CommunicationsCentennialOperational
31032IT&E Overseas, Inc.Inactive
31038USA 3650 AT&TInactive
31040Concho Cellular Telephone Co., Inc.ConchoOperational
31140Commnet WirelessCommnet WirelessOperational
31046TMP CorpSimmetryOperational
31050ACS Wireless Inc.Inactive
31150Wikes CellularWikes CellularOperational
31160Farmers Cellular TelephoneFarmers CellularOperational
31060Consolidated TelcomOperational
31070Highland Cellular, Inc.Operational
31180Pine Telephone CompanyPine CellularOperational
31080Corr Wireless Communications LLCCorrOperational
31190Long Lines Wireless LLCLong Lines WirelessOperational
311100High Plains WirelessHigh Plains WirelessOperational
310100New Mexico RSA 4 East Ltd. PartnershipPlateau WirelessOperational
310110Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
311110High Plains WirelessHigh Plains WirelessOperational
310130Carolina West WirelessInactive
311140MBO WirelessSprocketOperational
310140GTA Wireless LLCInactive
310150AT&T MobilityAT&TOperational
311150Wilkes CellularOperational
310170Cingular WirelessInactive
311170Broadpoint IncPetroComOperational
310180West Central WirelessWest CentralOperational
310190Alaska Wireless Communications LLCDutch HarborOperational
311210Farmers Cellular TelephoneFarmers CellularOperational
311260Cellular OneCellular OneOperational
311270Lamar Country CellularLamar Country CellularOperational
310280Verizon WirelessVerizonInactive
310290Nep Cellcorp Inc.Inactive
311290NEP WirelessNEP WirelessOperational
310300Smart Call (Truphone)iSmart MobileOperational
310311Farmers WirelessOperational
310320Smith Bagley Inc, dba Cellular OneCellular OneOperational
310330AN Subsidiary LLCInactive
311330Michigan Wireless, LLCBug Tussel WirelessOperational
310340Westlink CommunicationsWestlinkOperational
310350Mohave Cellular L.P.Inactive
310360Cellular Network Partnership dba Pioneer CellularInactive
310370Guamcell Cellular and PagingInactive
311370General Communication Inc.GCI Wireless in AlaskaOperational
310380New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLCInactive
310390Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
310400Wave Runner LLCi CAN_GSMOperational
310420Cincinnati Bell Wireless LLCCincinnati BellOperational
310430Alaska Digitel LLCOperational
310440Numerex Corp.Inactive
310450Viaero WirelessViaeroOperational
310460TMP CorpSimmetryOperational
310480Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
310510Airtel Wireless LLCAirtelOperational
310530West Virginia WirelessOperational
311530NewCore WirelessNewCore WirelessOperational
310540Oklahoma Western Telephone CompanyOklahoma WesternOperational
310550Wireless Solutions InternationalAT&TInactive
310570MTPCS LLCCellular OneOperational
310580Inland Cellular Telephone CompanyInactive
310600New Cell Inc. dba CellcomInactive
310610Elkhart Telephone Co.Epic TouchOperational
310620Coleman County Telecommunications Inc. (Trans Texas PCS)Coleman County TelecomOperational
310630Choice WirelessAmeriLink PCSOperational
310640Airadigm CommunicationsAiradigmOperational
310650Jasper Wireless Inc.JasperOperational
310690Conestoga Wireless CompanyConestogaOperational
310700Cross Valiant Cellular PartnershipInactive
310710Arctic Slopo Telephone Association CooperativeInactive
310720Wireless Solutions International Inc.Inactive
310740Convey Communications Inc.ConveyOperational
310750East Kentucky Network LLC dba Appalachian WirelessInactive
310760Panhandle Telecommunications Systems Inc.PanhandleOperational
310770Iowa Wireless Services LLC dba I Wirelessi wirelessOperational
310780Connect Net IncInactive
310790PinPoint Communications Inc.PinPointOperational
310810Brazos Cellular Communications Ltd.Inactive
310820South Canaan Cellular Communications Co. LPInactive
310830Caprock Cellular Ltd. PartnershipCaprockOperational
310840Telecom North America Mobile, Inc.telna MobileOperational
310850Aeris Communications, Inc.AerisOperational
310860TX RSA 15B2, LP dba Five Star WirelessInactive
310870Kaplan Telephone Company Inc.PACEOperational
310880Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc.AdvantageOperational
310890Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
310900Mid-Rivers CommunicationsMid-Rivers WirelessOperational
310910Verizon WirelessVerizonOperational
310920Get MobileInactive
310930Copper Valley WirelessInactive
310940Poka Lambro Telecommunications Ltd.Operational
310950Iris Wireless LLCXIT WirelessOperational
310960Texas RSA 1 dba XIT CellularPlateau WirelessOperational
310970Globalstar USAGlobalstarOperational
310980New Cingular Wireless PCS LLCInactive
310990E.N.M.R. Telephone CooperativeInactive


List of Mobile Network Codes And Mobile Country Codes

in the United Kingdom.

MCCMNCNetworkOperator or brand nameStatus
2340British TelecomBTOperational
2341Mudio Mobile LtdVectone MObileOperational
2342O2 UK LtdO2Operational
2343Jersey Airtel LtdAirtel-VodafoneOperational
2344FMS Solutions LtdInactive
2345COLT Mobile Telecommunications LtdInactive
2346Internet Computer Bureau LtdInactive
2347Cable and Wireless PlcOperational
2348OnePhone LtdInactive
2349Tismi BVInactive
23410Telefónica EuropeO2Operational
23411Telefónica EuropeO2Operational
23412Network Rail Infrastructure LtdRailtrack Plc (UK)Inactive
23413Network Rail Infrastructure LtdRailtrack Plc (UK)Inactive
23414Hay Systems LtdInactive
23415Vodafone LtdVodafoneOperational
23416Talk Talk Communications LtdTalk TalkOperational
23417Flextel LtdOperational
23418Wire9 Telecom PlcCloud9Operational
23419Teleware PlcTelewareOperational
23420Hutchison 3G UK Ltd3Operational
23422Routo Telecommunications LtdRoutoMessagingInactive
23424Stour MarineGreenfoneInactive
23425Truphone (UK)Inactive
23430Everything Everywhere LtdT-mobileOperational
23431Virgin Media (MVNO on EE)VirginOperational
23432Virgin Media (MVNO on EE)VirginOperational
23433Everything Everywhere LtdOrangeOperational
23434Everything Everywhere LtdOrangeOperational
23435JSC Ingenium LtdInactive
23437Synectiv LtdInactive
23450Jersey Telecom GSMJT-WaveOperational
23455Cable and Wireless PlcCable and WirelessOperational
23458Manx TelecomManx TelecomOperational
23460Dobson Telephone CoInactive
23475Inquam Telecom Ltd.InquamOperational
23476British TelecomBTOperational
23491Vodafone United KingdomVodafoneOperational
23495Network Rail Infrastructure LtdRailtrack Plc (UK)Inactive
234995Guernsey AirtelGuernsey AirtelInactive