Save Your Android Battery & Charge fastly!!

Maximum people use android mobile at present. The most popular complain about the android is low battery service. If you apply some trick, you can save your battery life & charging time!

battery save android
Increase Battery Life

Some Tips About Saving Battery:

  1. Turn Off Data Connection/Wifi when it isn’t necessary.
  2. Reduce the Brightness when you are in room.
  3. Turn Off Flashlight if it isn’t necessary.
  4. Don’t use android as an alternative of modem, it creates pressure on battery.
  5. Turn Off Bluetooth Connection also.
  6. Turn Off Wifi Hotspot if it is on.
  7. Turn Off google location service/GPS.
  8. Exit the apps after completing your work.
  9. Go to Display Settings and Change Auto Lock & Sleep time.
  10. Use Ad-free apps.
  11. Try to avoid live wallpaper & themes. It reduces battery life.
  12. Remove all apps from the background process.
  13. When you’re in Wifi, Go to Settings Data Usage & Restrict Background data.
  14. Go to Google Play Store & Install DU Battery Saver app for your rooted android phone. If your device isn’t rooted, Read our previous post to know how to root android very easily.

How to Charge Android Faster?

It is a very important question. You can charge your android very fast by applying a simple trick. Just put your device in airplane mode!! Your device will be charged 3 times faster than before!!! You should reduce your phone’s brightness & kill the background running apps also.

android airplane mode


I Hope this article can help you to save your battery life & reduce charging time. If you have any question, feel free to ask us! We are waiting for your feedback!! Thank you.