Wealthy Affiliates-Are Kyle and Carson Real?

Wealthy Affiliates? Do they exist? Are there real people behind the Wealthy Affiliate program? This article has been written to answer these questions that many people new to Wealthy Affiliate and internet marketing often find themselves asking.

When you hear the term “Wealthy Affiliates’ it actually refers to two young men who have become millionaires from internet marketing yet are only aged in their mid twenties. These two amazing people taught themselves how to make money on the internet, and then further developed their skills to become extremely wealthy.

Can you imagine that? Its hard to grasp the concept of only being in your mid twenties and earning so much money over the space of just a few years that you become a millionaire. That, however, is exactly what they did!

The names of these two amazingly successful people are Kyle and Carson. In internet marketing circles those names have instant recognition as being two of the most successful internet marketers online. The term “Wealthy Affiliates” was coined just for them, and describes their success to a “T”.

What are they? Quite obviously Wealthy! How did the get that way? Through affiliate marketing of course! Hence the term Wealthy Affiliates ! Both Kyle and Carson were students at university when they first met in 2002. They were typical of many college students, with very little money to spare and a desire to have a whole lot more to spend!

What they did do was start marketing with a budget of $5 (about all they could afford at the time) and they made use of the many affiliate programs that got their start on the internet at that time. They discovered how to use the internet to make money, and they soon developed the skills and techniques that made them extremely successful and also extremely wealthy as well.

“I want to make a difference in peoples lives, one by one, and use my knowledge to help teach people how to build thriving businesses online.” These are the words of Kyle, when in 2005 both he and Carson decided that they wanted to give other people the opportunity to learn how to be successful at internet marketing too.

Putting words into action , these Wealthy Affiliates began the Wealthy Affiliate University, in 2005. With the aim of helping people of all backgrounds and all levels of experience learn how to make money from internet marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate program has helped literally thousands of people do just that.

Would you like to find out more about internet marketing now that you have heard the story of Kyle and Carson? Even though the world economy is difficult, internet marketers are still making good money as sales online continue to boom.