Yahoo Change Phone Number – Easy Beauty Tips

Yahoo is one of the important thing we need. You can edit or change your phone number on Yahoo Messenger. It is very valuable for small business owners. At first we need to know about Yahoo Messenger. So let’s find it how can we do it.

What is Yahoo Messenger ?
Yahoo messenger is the same messenger like facebook messenger. But yahoo messenger provide benefits to business owners. Yahoo Messenger provides small business owners and employees a way to speak instantly with other Messenger users over the Internet, making it an ideal way to keep in contact with employees that are not at your location.

But there is one thing you need to remember and that is Yahoo Messenger does have one limitation. You need to use a computer to access it. Yahoo can help you a lot. However, with the advent of smartphones and the increasing technology of other mobile phones, you can now use Yahoo Messenger on the go with Yahoo Messenger Mobile.

Yahoo Messenger
Change Yahoo Number

Now let’s talk about changing contact number. To edit your number on Yahoo Messenger Mobile, you must delete your old number. Once you delete your old number then input your new one. If you want to edit a contact’s cell phone number to send Yahoo messages to their cell phone, you must do that within Yahoo Messenger.

How To Edit Your Cell Phone Number

  • First you have to sign in to Yahoo Messenger.
  • At the top click on Messenger.
  • And now select Privacy Options.
  • In the left hand side panel at the top, click on General.
  • Now in the right hand side panel at the bottom, click on Edit Mobile Phone .

Friends now you can see how can you change your mobile number on yahoo messenger. Isn’t it very easy ? Yes, it is too easy to do. Hope you enjoyed it. Yahoo! Mail can be a good way to keep in touch with others and exchange email. But sometimes your Yahoo! profile may reveal more information than you like, such as a mobile contact number.

Yahoo Messenger
Delete Yahoo Number

You can easily delete your contact number by same process. You just need to do the following task.

  • Under the Other Mobile Devices section, click the trashcan icon to the right of the device.
  • Click Delete.

This is very easy to do. Now you know how can you change your yahoo messenger cell phone number easily. Hope you like a also enjoy this trick. Stay with us to get more tricks.