10 Psychological Tricks which Can Make Your Life better

10 Psychological Tricks which Can Make Your Life better



Communicating and dealing with people can be hard for everyone at one point or another. Whether it’s work related or if it’s pleasure,it’s vital to take in these mental traps to make things run a great deal more easily. These are not to be mistaken for approaches to perniciously control others into getting what you need, however to just enhance general correspondence and associations with others.

1. Look into his/her eyes when you get a dissatisfactory answer from them

Sometimes we don’t like the answer to a question which we receive & sometimes we don’t understand it. Instead of repeating the question or asking another, look into the eyes of the person. This will make the individual feel under weight or cornered, and this will constrain them to assist expand their contemplations.

2. Stay cool when someone raises their voice to you

Make a strong effort to remain cool. When a loudmouth acts out. We usually feel anger, and sometimes we unintentionally provoke that. The feelings of anger usually quickly subside & guilt will set in & usually this person is 1stt to ask for forgiveness.

3. stay close to the aggressor to avoid attack

If you’re facing into a meeting and you know you are with an aggressive person, you know the discussion may become heated, make a point to sit next to that person. You may feel uneassy and awkward, but you won’t be the only one. Close proximity is known to make people uneassy which will lessen the level of aggression they plan to exercise.

4. Memorise everyone’s names if you want to be popular

In the case of being popular with your friends and colleagues, make it a habit to start calling people by their names while speaking with them. A person feels special when you call them by their first name.

5. Write down your thoughts while you feel stressed or anxious

Sometimes we feel some level of mental stress or anxiety. Write down your thoughts in a journal and then close it up. Believe it or not, you’ll be able to focus on your job more easily cause you have now shared your thoughts with someone. When you share them, you will then feel the burden on your mind reduced.

6. Give yourself less choices when you can’t make the decision

Many people believe that it’s better to have more choices and they prefer to have more. But it is actually paralyzing to have too many. There is evidence which shows that having 4 options at a time is the maximum number we can consider and still make a choice. In order to be an effective decision taker, you should only give yourself a few options at a time. This will allow you time to consider each one while giving you enough space between looking at a new set of options.

7. Right pose can boost confidence

This psychological trick applies to both work & pleasure. It can drastically improve your dating life & help you move up the ladder at work. How can you become confident? The best way to do this is through your posture. If you allow yourself to take up more space, you’re more likely to feel more confident. This is referred to power language.

8. Surefire path to win

This one is definitely intriguing. While you’re about to play this famous game, ask your opponent a random question. This typically will throw your confused opponent off and more often than not they will throw up ‘scissors’.

9. Make them feel needed when you ask for help

If you need someone’s help start off with the phrase, ‘I need your help…’ People like to feel needed and they hate feeling guilty. By starting off the conversation with that phrase, you’re more likely to receive the help you need.

10. Warm your hands before shaking hands

When you’re about to touch someone or shake their hand, make sure that your hands are warm. Warm hands promote a friendly atmosphere.

Some psychological tricks

  • If you think who doesn’t care for you, ask them to borrow their pen or pencil.
  • If you can’t seem to get a song out of your head try remembering the end of it.
  • If you need help carrying something, try talking to the person while handing them whatever it is. They will most likely not even realize you’re handing them something and they will just take it.
  • During an introduction, make a note of someone’s eye color. You’re not going to use this information it’s just important to take note of it. It’s a technique to achieve optimum eye contact. People find this friendly and confident.

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