Best Entertainment Apps and Games

One of the benefits of owning a smart phone is that you can extend its functionality by just installing an application in it. If you want to use it as an entertainment device, it’s again a matter of downloading and installing a mobile application.

Though few basic entertainment features and applications come preinstalled in almost all mobile devices, there are several other apps that would greatly enhance the ‘fun factor’ of your mobile phone. These would be a great add to kill time when you are bored and looking to have some fun. And if you are a game addict, you may feel your smartphone is just a useless piece of garbage unless it has some awesome games to play.
Entertainment Apps
So, here are some of the best entertainment apps and games for 2016 that have been extremely popular among fun lovers:

Clash of Clans
With over one million 5 star reviews on iTunes and over 5 million 5 star reviews on Google Play, Clash of Clans is probably the most popular game among mobile users. This is a free game and you don’t need to pay anything to download and play it on your smartphone. However, you’ll require a network connection, and you must be 13 years and older to play this game. some of the game items are also required to be purchased, but that’s totally up to you to use that feature. It involves virtual activities like raising your army, building an unbeatable fortress, forming your clan, defending your village, etc.
With over 100 games to play, leads the online gaming industry. It offers a wide range of online casino games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, Live Casino, Video Poker, etc. You can either download the casino app to play these games on your device or directly play them online. They offer detailed guidelines, tips and practice sessions to help you get started. Navigation is user-friendly, and high quality sound and graphics make for a solid gaming experience. Transparent payout conditions and Gilbraltar license give a sense of safety to the users.

MoboPlayer is basically a video player that can play almost all of the popular video formats. It offers high quality playback along with subtitles, and supports multi-audio stream. Its media library is powerful and the interface is easy to use. There are simple gesture controls to help you carry out basic operations like adjusting volume and brightness. The floating window playback feature allows you to play a video even when you are texting or browsing.

If you are looking for an app to watch movies and TV episodes on your mobile phone, then Netflix is the answer. Though the app itself is free, you’ll require Netflix subscription to use this app. The membership comes with a free trial for one month and offers numerous benefits like access to unlimited movies and TV shows, wide range of supported devices, easy search for titles, rating your favorite shows, resuming your show on another device, etc.

If you are a cartoon lover, you just can’t skip this app. It allows you to communicate with your friends in a comical way through cartoon strips. Once you login to the app through Facebook, you can turn yourself and your friends into cartoon characters. There is a huge collection of scenes and backgrounds to add to your comic strip. It’s a fun app that will bring out your creative side and make your Facebook wall more colorful.

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