4 Interesting Online Basketball Games For A Fun Virtual Party

It feels like it has been ages since people have been seen gathering at a friend’s place or somewhere outside on the weekend to have fun. Social life has been abruptly hampered due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Large social gatherings have been prohibited due to the safety norms, and people are not very keen to attend even small gatherings due to the fear of getting affected. Thanks to the internet, people can still feel connected by spending time on various social sites. But, unfortunately, that can also feel boring after a point.

If you want to add some thrill, activities, and fun to your life, a virtual party can help you out. There is no safer way to spend quality time with your friends than arranging a virtual party. According to Forbes, even multinational companies rely on virtual events to celebrate their yearly office party nowadays.
Online Basketball Games
If you want to make your virtual party more interesting, you need to introduce some thrilling online games like basketball in your life. That will make your friends feel more engaged and add some competitive fun to your party. If you have friends who are basketball fans, you can arrange your virtual party during the match also. That will allow you to play a fantasy basketball game with your friends at the virtual party.

The thrill of choosing players and making your team can be extra fun altogether. When the players you and your friends select will perform in real-time, it will surely add some adrenaline rush to your virtual party. To make that happen, each participant of the virtual party needs to download the best basketball fantasy app to play and enjoy the game together.

This article will discuss 4 interesting online basketball games that can rock your virtual party with friends.

Basket Random

If you want to keep things simple and do not want the game to eat up the major time of the virtual party, you can play Basket Random. You need to select the mode of the game depending on the number of participants. As the name suggests, you can basket the ball randomly, which makes this game easy and full of fun. You need to score baskets to earn points.

You can score a basket by using only one key of your keyboard in different combinations from each other. That makes scoring easier and more fun. You need not bother about changing players, balls, or fields in this game. That makes this game pure fun to play yet not much engaging to absorb all the limelight of your virtual party. The participant who reaches a score of 5 first wins the game.

Basketball Stars

If you want some more engaging online basketball games for your virtual party, you can opt for Basketball Stars. This advanced game provides you with lots of options for customization. For example, you can decide how the player character shall look in the game by customizing different wearable of the players. Though these are cosmetic customizations, they add some fun to the game.

You can play this thrilling game in two different modes. If most participants are beginners, it is better to opt for the “Shooting Race” mode. As the name suggests, the player needs to score as many goals as possible within the shortest period. The player having the highest score wins the game. As scoring goals is the only deciding factor in this mode of the game, choosing the right basketball category plays a vital role in your winning.

There are different types of balls available with specific stats. The stats are mainly based on accuracy and time. A ball with higher accuracy makes sure that you score a basket most of the time, even after committing small mistakes. The ball with higher time ensures fast throwing of the ball. Though choosing a ball with higher stats helps you immensely; unfortunately, you cannot unlock all the categories initially. You can only unlock them by winning initial games and levelling up.

If you guys are experts or have played the above mode for quite some time, you can opt for the Attacker-Defender mode. As the name suggests, you need to attack and score as many goals as possible and block your opponent’s goals as well. The player with a higher score becomes the winner.

Basketball Master

If you want to introduce a fast-decider game in your virtual party, you can select Basketball Master. You need to score a basket every time you take a shot; you lose the game once you fail. That is the reason it is a fast-deciding game. Scoring a basket becomes tougher every time you score. You need to carefully choose the distance to the basket, considering the in-between obstacles. That makes the game even more challenging and fun to play.

Basketball Legends 2020

You can choose this game for your virtual party to add some true excitement. You can control your player by using the shortcuts provided on your keyboard. For example, you can make your player perform dunks and score 3 pointers by using them. You can also make your team choose the best players of the last year and participate in tournaments.


Suppose you are among those millions of people who feel exhausted sticking to their computers throughout the day for work and feel avoided due to the absence of social life in this post-pandemic era. In that case, online basketball fantasy games can help you arrange a virtual party and refresh you like anything. You can also divide the group into small sub-groups and choose to play any of the games mentioned above.

Only you and other participants need to download the gaming app using the internet, and you are all set to play. It can break the typical monotone in your work life and provide you with the ultimate fun and excitement. That can be the safest way of enjoying maintaining the social distance and other safety norms as well.

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