How to Plan and Host a Block Party

Do you have a few backyards and a row of houses on a common side street? Have you ever thought of throwing a block party? Block parties can be a great way to spend time with neighbors and meet new people on your street!
Plan and Host a Block Party
Instead of spending the day indoors or making your neighbors travel far to attend your gathering, throw a block party. But how do you plan a block party? You may think you need permits, security, and a lot of planning to make a block party successful.

In reality, throwing a great block party is easy with these tips. Here’s an awesome guide to perfectly throw a block party:

Gathering Necessary Supplies

Hosting a block party is a great way to bring neighbors together and build community connections. Party planning and hosting a successful block party must be careful preparation and consideration of all the necessary supplies. Start by obtaining a block party permit so that your party meets local regulations.

Prepare to bring lights, tables, chairs, and fences; decor such as balloons, streamers, and tablecloths; food such as chips and dip, snacks, and drinks; games such as water guns, basketball, and cricket; and entertainment such as a DJ or live music. Additionally, you may want to include other important resources such as garbage cans and recycling bins, first aid kits, and a fire extinguisher.

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Organizing Activities & Entertainment

Planning a successful block party requires a careful approach. Start by choosing when and where the event will be located and inform your neighbors.

To get the word out, create an event poster, post it locally and on social media, and contact media outlets. If you want to know how to make an event poster, it should include the date, time, location, and a brief description of what the event will include. Recruit volunteers and party planners to help organize activities, entertainment, and decorations.

Invite local businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to be part of the party. Consider a safety plan for the event, including areas for medical attention, a way to report disturbances, and police or security personnel to oversee. After the party, take time to thank the guests and follow up with thank-you letters or emails.

Budgeting for Food & Drinks

Before beginning to plan the event, create a budget that factors in all of the costs associated with the gathering. Make a list of all the food and drinks that will be needed and try to estimate how much of each item will need to be purchased. When shopping for food and drinks, take advantage of coupons and discounts to help stretch the budget.

Start Planning Your Event Today

Planning and hosting a block party is not rocket science, but it is important to be well-prepared. Remember to inform neighbors, plan activities, advertise and give catering and seating. By following these party ideas, your block party will be a huge success! Why not start planning your event today?

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