The 29 Biggest Subreddits in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

As of 2023, Reddit remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with an ever-growing number of users and communities. In this blog post, we will explore the 29 biggest subreddits in 2023, based on their number of subscribers.

29 Biggest Subreddits List Below:

Here is a list of the 29 biggest subreddits, Details, ranked by number of subscribers (list updated in 2023).

RankSubreddit nameDetails# of subscribers
1/r/announcements– This subreddit is dedicated to official announcements from Reddit.199m
2r/funny– A subreddit for sharing funny memes, pictures, and videos.47.7m
1r/aww– This subreddit is dedicated to cute and adorable animals.33.5m
4r/gifs– A subreddit for sharing animated GIFs.21.6m
5r/worldnews – A subreddit for sharing news and events from around the world.31.0m
6r/videos – A subreddit for sharing videos on various topics.26.7m
7r/gaming – A subreddit for all things gaming.36.3m
8r/pics– A subreddit for sharing pictures on various topics.29.8m
9r/AskReddit – A subreddit for asking and answering thought-provoking questions.39.9m
10r/science – A subreddit for discussing scientific research and breakthroughs.29.6m
11r/technology – A subreddit for sharing news and discussions related to technology.13.8m
12r/movies – A subreddit for discussing movies and TV shows.30.5m
13r/books – A subreddit for discussing books and literature.22.3m
14r/music – A subreddit for discussing music and sharing songs.31.9m
15r/food – A subreddit for sharing food-related pictures and recipes.23.2m
16r/explainlikeimfive – A subreddit for explaining complex topics in simple terms.22.0m
17r/fitness – A subreddit for discussing fitness and workouts.10.9m
18r/relationships – A subreddit for discussing relationships and giving advice.3.3m
19r/news – A subreddit for sharing news and current events.25.9m
20r/television – A subreddit for discussing TV shows and series.16.7m
21r/art – A subreddit for sharing and discussing art.22.2m
22r/history – A subreddit for discussing historical events and figures.17.4m
23r/photography – A subreddit for discussing photography and sharing pictures.5.1m
24r/futurology – A subreddit for discussing the future and upcoming technologies.18.2m
25r/politics – A subreddit for discussing political news and events.8.3m
26r/NoStupidQuestions – A subreddit for asking any question, no matter how silly it may seem.3.3m
27r/DIY – A subreddit for sharing DIY projects and ideas.22.2m
28r/memes – A subreddit for sharing memes on various topics.24.4m
29r/personalfinance – A subreddit for discussing personal finance and giving advice.17.4m

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These are the 29 biggest subreddits in 2023. It is worth noting that Reddit’s user base and subreddits are constantly changing, so this list may be different by the time you read this. However, these subreddits are likely to remain popular for years to come, as they cover a wide range of topics and interests. Whether you’re interested in science, history, or simply want to look at cute animal pictures, there’s a subreddit for everyone on Reddit.

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