Auto Flexiload Software – Flexiload Server

Auto Flexiload System – Flexiload Server

E-Flexiload Software is the most powerful and advanced flexiload managament software. E-Flexiload software will provides you both automatic with conformation message and more advance billing with muliple level reseller package.It is the most updated software since 2014. We do update our software upon our customer’s requirement. we have two types of billing system .Unlimited reseller payment system & fixed reseller payment system.

Billing – Complete billing solution for reseller & adminstrator.
Automation – Instant flexi recharge with your own server.
Easy to Use – Simple & graphical Interface, Fast Loading, Faster user creation ,login protection.
Transactions – Supported direct payment, Income/Transaction Logs & Statistical Reports& updating for more payment gateway
Support -Instant messaging system.Internal messagaing solution
Customisable – The whole system you order can be customized according to your needs
Developer Friendly – You can sell api. So that other client can do flexiload using your flexiload software.

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