The 7 BEST Games for Programmers to Improve Programming Skills

Programming games help you learn faster through practice and hands-on experience. Plus, it’s a fun way to test your programming skills.

Today, the gaming industry has undergone major changes with new technologies incorporated into video games such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and IoT.

Wait a minute…!! What is it for you?

Now, as mentioned above, the game itself is a really big area. You have to understand that games are not just a hobby anymore (yes, you heard that right). From a programmer’s perspective, there are many programming games on the web that you can use to learn and hone your programming skills in a more enjoyable way. You can use these programming games as a fun break during the learning process while practicing and refreshing your programming skills.
Games for Programmers
It also helps you develop your creativity and problem-solving skills by having to solve a variety of difficult problems and competing against a variety of experienced programmers from around the world.

Can Games Teach Programming?

Yes! You don’t need a Bachelor of Science degree to do this. You can play programming games and learn programming skills including all kinds of programming languages. With the best programming games, you can hone your programming and troubleshooting skills, improve your concepts and enjoy the learning process.

Since programming games probably won’t tell you everything you want to know about programming, these fun games are just a great way to practice the skills you learn. Assuming you’re like me, you’ll find that you’ve spent your free time unnoticed and improved Python, JavaScript, and various other programming skills. Let’s take a look at some of the best programming games that I have personally chosen to improve my programming skills.

Hence, you must take the time to play these programming games and challenges. Not only will they serve as a fun break, but you will learn faster and retain more information through practice and hands-on experience.

Top 7 Best Games for Programmers or Coders

Here in this post, we have found 7 best useful programming games that will definitely help you improve your programming skills.

1. CodeMonkey

CodeMonkey teaches programming using CoffeeScript, an open source language that compiles JavaScript, and teaches you how to create games in HTML5. This game is aimed at coding for kids, but it’s also great fun for adults. There is also a CodeMonkey app for Android and iOS.

2. Code hunt

Code Hunt is an educational game launched by Microsoft Research that teaches Java or C #. This is a browser based application. Students should complete the short tutorials in each section to set up snippets and get a positive score.

3. Frog Flexbox

This is a simple game designed to help users learn CSS code. Gamers just need to master the Flexbox layout mod and bring Froggy home. This game has been specially created for beginners in the CSS Flexbox to learn the basics of CSS.

4. CodeGym

This is a fun programming course designed to help users learn and practice programming skills in Java. This is perfect for beginners as gamers don’t need to know Java coding to start playing this game.

5. Code Combat

Students and teachers are CodeCombat’s main target audience, but anyone can participate. Learn how to create games in JavaScript, Python, Lua, or CoffeeScript. At the beginner dungeon level, guide your hero through this game using the simple controls described in this game’s tutorial.

6. CSS dinner

It’s a fun and easy way for novice programmers to learn CSS. There are over 32 levels that can teach you the basics of how CSS selectors work. Each level of a free coding game gets more complex just like a real video game. This will help you build on what you learned in the previous lesson. At the end of this game you are called CSS Selector Expert.

7. CodinGame

Assuming you are looking to develop programming skills or learn new programming concepts, but are looking for something fascinating and exciting rather than traditional tutorials, CodinGame is the best option. It is a fascinating and free gaming platform that teaches over 25 popular programming languages ​​such as Ruby, JavaScript, Rust, Java, C #, and PHP.

The last word

Learning and playing are not new concepts. These games are a proven way to improve and learn your programming skills. Programming is no exception. There are many great coding games that you can try and play. Whatever language or programming mode you need, you will find the right game to improve your programming skills and have a good time.

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