Best Recommended Components for a Gaming Computer

Are you wanting to have a Gaming Computer? Okky, you also need to decide how long you want to play games without having to change the configuration. The best gaming PCis gonna be differing from person to person, and so I greatly encourage you to go and look at what exactly builds a computer run games well. I’ll give Best Requirement for A Gaming Computer.

If you want to use an Cheap & Best For Gaming Personal Computers. Personally I have to go for an Gaming Computer Build. You can buy the Graphics Card and RAM and Mother Board Separately. Here are a few Recommended suggestions to help you select your best gaming PC.

Gaming Computer
Gaming Computer

For Motherboard – All of the hardware components are connected. how far you can push your system’s capability will depend on the Cheap & Best the type of motherboard. Preferably, you’d want to invest in a CPU first and then you can choose a motherboard that’s compatible. Any A320/B350/B450/X370/X470 (B450 recommended)

#For CPU or Processor – The CPU, or the heart of a computer. This processes all the tasks your computer performs. i7 4790k is best. Its still best for gaming. However, for a lesser price you will get i5 6600k which is 6th gen Intel Processor and would be best for a gaming Computer.

For RAM – Memory is where your most-used information is stored. The more RAM you have, the more memory is stored for fast response when data is needed. Apart from this, you’ll want DDR4 ram(8GB atleast). 2400MHz seems to be the standard now which is not too costly. And a DDR4 motherboard which also supports overclocking.

For GPU or Graphics Card – The graphics card is what renders the game’s images. Ideally, you would want to get the best card for your budget to get the best graphics experience. GTX 1080, GTX 1070,r GTX1060 or GTX 1050ti.

For Sound Card –  Integrated High Quality HD Sound Card

For Power Supply – Never cheap out on your PSU.  It’s what provides every single piece of hardware the right amount of power. Preferably, you’d want a quality PSU to safeguard your system. a 500w from Evga 500B or Corsair will do fine as well.

For Case Fans – An adequate amount of case fans keep the system cool. Preferably, two intake fans & one exhaust should keep the system cool enough

For Storage Devices – A combination of both types of storage devices, HDD and SSD, is what you need to get the best of both worlds: speed and storage space. Seagate barracuda 1 TB HDD with 120 GB SSD.

For Mouse – Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

For Keyboard –  Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM MX Speed Mechanical Keyboard

For Case – Choose a case that has enough room to fit all of your system’s components. again a personal choice. But I recommend Corsair and Nzxt, they are my personal choices. The S340 Elite/ Corsair Graphite 780T WHITE Gaming Case is a great choice, but you can always change it.

For Mouse Pad – Corsair MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad

You should easily get to stay under $350 for an i5 build at this level Gaming Pc. If you want to up the ante at this point, go for a GTX 1050 Ti, or a GTX 1060. you can use Monitor – LG22mp68 .

Hope, this help you. Share your experience with us through the below comment section and share you timeline for future.

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