Don’t Know which Spy App to Choose? We’ve got you Covered!

Want to use a smartphone monitoring app but can’t decide which one is the most suitable for your needs? We understand! Particularly, parents and employers, these days feel quite worried about the difficulties in coping with challenges posed by internet-enabled smartphones. In this article, we will identify the top three smartphone monitoring apps for both Android and iOS. We’ll do a complete review of the apps by detailing their price and features. We will also provide a guide on how to use the apps before identifying some pros and cons of each service.


XNSPY is a sophisticated smartphone monitoring app that has been on the monitoring app scene for quite a while now. Each version of the app has been updated by keeping customer responses in mind. The result is an advanced and flexible smartphone monitoring app that makes it to number one on our list.

Here are the price and compatibility options for the service.

#Price & Compatibility
XNSPY works on a subscription basis, like most other monitoring apps. The premium version clocks in at USD 7.49 per month and offers the full gamut of functionality. On the other hand, the basic version costs USD 4.99 a month but offers a limited range of features. Want our suggestion? Opt for the premium version.
xnspay apps

The app is compatible with all devices running on Android versions above 4.0. It is also compatible with iOS devices running on OS versions above 6.0.

With this out of the picture, let’s go through some of the prominent features of the app. Bear in mind that many apps offer a similar set of features, along with unique functions. Explaining each function in detail will take up a lot of time so we’ll detail each function once. That way, you’ll get a quick idea about it once you take a look at any monitoring app!

#XNSPY features
Telecommunications tracking
You can use XNSPY to monitor all SMS, MMS, and phone calls on the phone. A call log lists incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. You may record phone calls too, though the app does not provide a call-interception function.

GPS tracking
XNSPY can monitor the phone’s location in real-time, along with GPS history. A geofencing sub-feature is also available. You can use it to mark any location on the map, and the app will identify whenever they enter or leave the area.

IM & Social media
You can monitor popular instant messaging and social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Tinder, Skype, Viber, and others.

Multimedia & Online activity
Go through all multimedia files stored on the phone such as photos or videos. You can also monitor online activities such as browsing history, bookmarked pages, and all emails. One disadvantage with this function is that XNSPY has no website blocking or parental control sub-feature.

Phone remote control
Remotely control the smartphone with this feature. Remotely take screenshots or turn on the microphone and record. You can also view or block all installed apps, lock the phone, restart it, or delete all stored data.

Watch list alerts
This is a unique XNSPY feature. Add a contact, location, or a word to the app’s watch list and XNSPY will send out alerts if there’s any related activity on the phone. This applies to messages, online activities, and locations.

Other features available with the service include a keylogging function, and device-usage report feature, among others.

Wondering how to install and use the app? Let’s go through a quick step-by-step guide on how to do so.

#Installing & using XNSPY
We will take a separate look at Android and iOS because the installation process is different for both.

XNSPY App for Android

Step 1: Visit the XNSPY website, click on the “Buy now” option on the top.
Step 2: Enter your email address and make a payment on a suitable subscription package.
Step 3: Check your inbox for download URL, instructions, and your unique log in details.
Step 4: You only to physically access the phone to install the app. Download XNSPY via the URL on the phone you want to track. The app is hidden after installation.
Step 5: Log in to your XNSPY account on the website and select “Android” from the “My Devices” menu.
Step 6: Click on the menu bar on the left to view all data options.

XNSPY App for iPhone

Step 1: Make a payment on a subscription package and check your inbox for your login credentials.
Step 2: Make sure that the iCloud backup feature is enabled on the iPhone.
Step 3: You must have the Apple ID credentials of the phone you want to track.
Step 4: Log in to your account and select “iPhone” from the “My Devices” tab.
Step 5: Enter the Apple ID password and wait for the verification.
Step 6: Access data through the menu on the left.

XNSPAY dashboard
XNSPAY dashboard

XNSPY – For & Against

  • A broad array of features.
  • The most affordable smartphone monitoring app.
  • A unique watch list alert function.


  • You may have to root/jailbreak the phone to use some features.
  • XNSPY has limited web-activity control functions.
  • It may be inappropriate in some situations because it can be quite intrusive.

XNSPY score: 9.7/10


Spyera is an advanced smartphone spying app that offers a flexible set of features and wide compatibility options. It makes it number two on our list because it is a bit on the expensive side. That being said, let’s take a look at the pricing and compatibility options for the service.

#Spyera Price & Compatibility
Spyera has two subscription versions to choose from. You can opt for the premium version which costs USD 13.99 a month or the premium plus package that comes in at USD 31.99 a month. Take note that only the premium plus version offers all the available features. We recommend you avoid the premium version and go for premium plus.

Spyera is compatible with all versions of both Android and iOS devices.
Let’s go through the app’s salient features.

#Spyera features

Call monitoring
Monitor all calls via the call log or record calls for download. Spyera also provides a live call-interception feature.

SMS, IM, and Social media tracking
You can use this feature to monitor SMS and prominent IM and social media apps such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. You can also use the SMS keyword deletion function to block any incoming SMS that contains a designated word.

Location tracking
Gain access to real-time location data, along with location history. However, there is no geofencing sub-feature available with Spyera.

Web activity & multimedia
Monitor bookmarked pages, browsing history, and emails. The app can also access multimedia files such as photos or videos.

Remote control options
Spyera provides advanced remote control features. You can take screenshots, turn on the microphone, view installed apps, turn on the camera to take photos/videos, or check out screen time. A remote SMS command sub-feature is available too. You can use it to control the phone by sending an SMS to the targeted phone.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the features, let’s go through how to install and use the app.

How to install & use Spyera
Take note that the installation process is different for Android and iOS devices. You need physical access to the Android phone. On the other hand, you must enable the iCloud backup option on the iPhone and take hold of the

Apple ID details.

Step 1: Visit Spyera’s website and select the “Try now” option.
Step 2: Make the payment and check your email inbox for download URL, your Spyera password, and installation instructions.
Step 3: Download the app on the Android phone. For iOS, log in to your account and enter the Apple ID details of the iPhone.
Step 4: Select the phone you want to monitor in the dashboard menu.
Step 5: Go through all the available data.

You can also purchase a new phone from the website. The phone comes with a pre-installed version of Spyera.

Spyera – For and Against


  • Advanced remote control options.
  • Wide compatibility options.
  • Live call interception feature.


  • A bit on the expensive side.
  • You may have to root/jailbreak the phone to use some specific functions.
  • It can be very intrusive.

Spyera score: 9.4/10


Flexispy is a well-known smartphone monitoring app that has been a part of the industry for some time now. The app offers a good range of features but is ranked at number three on our list because of its high price point. So much does it cost? Let’s find out!

#Flexispy Price & Compatibility
There are three subscription options to choose from. The Lite version costs USD 29.95 per month, the premium version costs USD 149 a month, and the extreme version comes in at a very high price of USD 349 a month. Remember that only the extreme version provides all listed features while the Lite package provides the bare minimum.
Flexispy apps
Flexispy is compatible with Android devices running on the version above 4.0 and iOS devices running on versions above 6.0.

Wondering what features are available with the service?

#Flexispy features

Call monitoring
Call logs along with call interception and call recording.

SMS, IM, and Social media
The app can monitor SMS along with a broad list of instant messaging and social media apps. Additionally, there is an option for controlling the phone via SMS too. You can also use the SMS keyword deletion feature that works similarly to the one available with Spyera. Fake SMS option is also available. You can send an SMS from the monitored device to any number, and it won’t show up in the outbox.

GPS tracking
Location tracking along with go fencing sub-feature is available.

Multimedia and online activity
Go through all photos, videos, bookmarked pages, web browsing history, and emails.

Phone remote control
Flexispy provides extensive remote control options. You can take screenshots, use the microphone, take photos/videos via the camera, and send remote commands via the web or SMS.

How to install and use Flexispy
The process for installing and using the app is the same as for other apps on our list. You need physical access to the Android phone and Apple ID details of the iPhone. Just go the Flexispy’s website, select a subscription package, and download the app for Android. Alternatively, just enter the Apple ID details after logging in to your Flexispy account. Once installed, the app is completely hidden. All phone data can be accessed via the app’s dashboard. You can also download the FlexiView app on your phone. This way, you can quickly access all data without logging into your account.

Flexispy for & against

  • Sophisticated remote control functionality.
  • Fake SMS and SMS keyword deletion feature.
  • FlexiView app for quick access to data.


  •  It is extremely expensive.
  • You may have to root/jailbreak the device.
  • Like other apps on the list, Flexispy can be quite intrusive.

Flexispy score: 9.0/10.

 Price USD 4.99 – USD 7.49 USD 13.99 – USD 31.99 USD 29.95 – USD 349
 Compatibility Android +4.0 & iOS +6.0 All Android and all iOS. Android +4.0 & iOS +6.0
 Call log Yes Yes Yes
 Call recording Yes Yes Yes
 Call interception No Yes Yes
 SMS, IM, Social media Yes. Please visit the website for the list of apps. Yes. Please visit the website for the list of apps. Yes. Please visit the website for the list of apps.
 Fake SMS No No Yes
 SMS commands No Yes Yes
 SMS keyword  Yes Yes Yes
 GPS tracking Yes Yes Yes
 Geo-fencing Yes Yes Yes
 Emails Yes Yes Yes
 Multimedia  Yes. Audio, Video, Photos. Yes. Audio, Video, Photos. Yes. Audio, Video, Photos.
 Web history Yes Yes Yes
 Phone remote control Yes Yes Yes
 Rooting/Jailbreak Yes. For some features.Yes. For some features. Yes. For some features.
 Score 9.7 9.4 9.0

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