How to Easily Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, right behind Google. Everyone loves to spend time watching videos on YouTube. In fact, on second thought, I’m not sure when I last watched the video, regardless of its content, somewhere else. The first thing that comes to my mind, and I believe you too, when you want to watch a video, listen to music and casually take a look at a music video, watch a trailer for a new movie or watch tips and bets is YouTube.

Everyone is very familiar with the way YouTube works. Open it in a browser or mobile application, type in the search engine what you are interested in, find the video and start watching. Despite the simplicity of YouTube, many still don’t know all the tricks they can use to improve their user experience. Well, among other things, they don’t know that it is possible to convert any Youtube video into an MP3 file, and listen music from a Youtube video anywhere and when.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3
Convert YouTube Videos to MP3

What we need to draw your attention to are the legal frameworks. You cannot download copyrighted clips, so you cannot download an mp3 version of such videos. When looking for youtube clips to convert you, look for no copyright clips.

There are many reasons why someone would want to download some of the many videos from Youtube, but also other similar streaming services. The available internet connection may not be fast enough or there may not be enough internet traffic if it is a mobile data connection. Maybe you just want to watch videos offline or just want to archive them in case they disappear in the future. Whatever the reason, there are several ways to download videos, but it’s best to use some of the specialized tools that will make downloading videos easy. Moreover, although there are tools that can be installed on a computer, there are a number of online services that, although not as powerful as their siblings on Windows or other operating systems (such tools also exist on mobile platforms, and can be found on as web browser extensions), will ultimately do an equally good job.

Again, before using these services, it should be borne in mind that downloading videos from Youtube is contrary to the terms of use of this video service, and depending on what you want to download, it is possible that copyright is infringed and care should be taken that the author has permission to download or that the video is in the public domain. With that in mind, here are some of the best and most practical services with which downloading or converting videos from Youtube, but also other video streaming services, will be a real pleasure. Also, make sure that when you use online services to convert youtube videos, you always have an antivirus program activated on your computer because these services often contain viruses and malware, which you can pick up when you download an mp3 file from their site. For this reason, we bring you a list of highlighted youtube to mp3 converters.

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OnlineVideoConverter 3.0

It is a service that is not just a mere tool for downloading and converting videos from Youtube. Namely, it is actually an online tool for converting videos directly from the Internet, then uploading a video file from a computer, and there is also a tool that allows you to capture the contents of the computer screen as video (a method that is often used when none of the usual ways can not download the desired video). In order for the latter tool to be used, it is necessary to install the software on the computer (it is Apowersoft’s Online Screen Recorder).

To download videos from one of the supported services, including Youtube, on the home page of the service you need to click on Convert a video link, then paste the desired URL, then select the destination audio or video format and click on the Start button. After a few moments of analysis, the converted file will be offered for download, and in addition to clicking on the Download button, a QR code will be generated to download the file directly to your smartphone or tablet.

OnlineVideoConverter pleasantly surprises with the number of supported multimedia output formats, among the supported ones are MP3, AAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, FLAC, WAV, MP4, AVI, MOV, MPG, FLV, WMV and M4V which is, everyone will agree, impressive for one of the online tools. There is no limit to the number of downloads or the length of the video, it supports a handful of well-known video services, and its key drawback is that it does not know how to download Youtube playlists. As with other services that are not able to do this, only the first video in the playlist will simply be converted.

It is one of the better known online tools for converting videos from a handful of supported streaming services, and it has gained its popularity despite its obvious rudimentary nature. Instead of burdening itself with offering a larger number of formats or some special additional features, it sticks to absolute simplicity. All you have to do is paste the URL to the video you want to download and convert (it does not support playlists) and will offer to download the video file in MP4 format in 720p resolution with audio after a short analysis.

savefrom net online video convatar

WebM format and higher resolutions are also available, but, as might be expected, without audio. It does not offer the ability to convert to MP3 format; a button that looks like it should be an MP3 conversion is offered on another site that offers the installation of Ummy Video Downloader, another of the many software designed for Windows to download and convert videos from Youtube. However, it is not advisable to install it when the MP3 file can be accessed using other online services. also offers the ability to install a web browser extension (Chrome) while mobile OS users can install an extension for the mobile version of Firefox. Webmasters can easily integrate this service on their websites, and it is a practical detail that in front of the URL of the video on Youtube you only need to add the full URL of so that it automatically offers it for download. Nice.


SaveMP3 is another service that offers conversion of videos from YouTube to MP3 and MP4 format. It all starts with choosing one of the offered tools. The first is YouTube to MP3 Converter, the second is Music Playlist Converter while the third, for some this will be very interesting, is SoundCloud Downloader. Yes, it is a dedicated online tool that allows you to download audio files from another well-known service, SoundCloud. Unusually, it stands out as SaveMP3 supports more than a thousand other content streaming websites, including Facebook and Instagram.

Once the desired tool is selected and as soon as the URL is pasted into the field provided either to the individual video or to the Youtube playlist, SaveMP3 will perform a brief analysis and then offer to download the converted file. It will always try to choose the maximum available quality (for MP3 it will be 320 Kbps), but it also offers the possibility to choose a second (lower) level of quality. To download, just click the Download button and wait for the conversion to complete before the file is ready to download.

Save mp3

Downloading the Youtube playlist is not resolved as expected; instead of being offered the ability to download all the files within the playlist, they will be displayed, but will need to be downloaded one by one. However, even this is better than having to add a direct URL again for each of the videos. On the other hand, it is commendable that it has nicely made instructions, among which it offers the possibility of downloading thematically selected music, as well as specific guides for downloading files from other services.

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That would be it, be smart when using these services and enjoy.

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