Easiest way to get weather information without downloading any app

Easiest way to get weather information without downloading any app(android)



Weather is essential, yet at times you needn’t bother with an entire two week gauge with barometric weight and the correct period of the lunar cycle. Now and again, you simply need to know whether it’s warm or crisp outside. Now and again, you need to know the climate, yet you simply don’t have your hands free. Most of the times, you just need Google.

Google Now has constantly incorporated a Weather card for your present area, and in addition different areas it trusts you think about. With the mix of OK Google hotword recognition in both the Google Now Launcher and some outsider launchers like Nova and Apex launchers, this incorporation implied that not just was there a climate card holding up in Google Now when you swipe up — or swipe over, in the Google Now Launcher — the climate is just a question away. Telephones like the Moto X make that one stride facilitate and permit clients to attempt have really sans hands access to the Weather.



Be that as it may you get the opportunity to Google Now, the Weather offered there is anything but difficult to utilize and fueled by The Weather Channel. The slider will uncover conditions throughout the hours of the chose day as you move it along, including the possibility of rain and the anticipated wind speed. On the off chance that you require a more nitty gritty conjecture than the 5-day gave, for example, radar, there’s a connection to the full Weather. Direct site in the base corner.

Google Now accomplishes more than simply the prompt gauge; it can protect you by cautioning you to any National Weather Service notices and advisories for your areas. Be it a snowstorm that is still two days away or a tornado that is touching down crosswise over town, Google Now can caution you on the off chance that it knows where you are. What’s more, those alarms and climate cards additionally wind up on your wrist with Android Wear, or in your fringe vision in case you’re a Google Glass client.



Presently, this won’t make devoted weather applications bankrupt at any point in the near future, however the comfort of Google Now’s climate card is something Android clients — and all Google Clients, as these cards show up on Chromebooks and iOS gadgets, as well — can depend on after all other options have been exhausted. Do you utilize Google Now’s climate card, or do you leave your climate needs to a committed application? Does Google Now’s voice joining permit the climate card to supplement your climate applications when you have to know the climate while you’re getting wearing the morning?

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