Top Three Facebook Secret Tricks

Today we going to share you some awesome Facebook Secret Tricks . Facebook is the most popular social network. It is used by many peoples and it has many secrects. I am giving bellow some tricks and hope you’ll like it.

facebook Profile Photo Unclickable
Profile Photo Unclickable

If you wanna make your Facebook profile picture Unclickable and every buddy can’t able to download that, Then you can follow this easy trick of privacy, Its simple tricks also allow by this popular social networking site. You can do it very easily. Simply go to on your Facebook Timeline. Then just click on Benefactor DP. Then you must click on Edit and select on Me in Privacy Policy.

Facebook access like moile

Now I am going to show you how to Access Facebook Like Mobile Browser in Desktop or PC. If you want to access your or Facebook look like as mobile browser. You can do it with an easy trick. Simply go to your browser and type and you’ll discover your computer like a mobile.

Now this is another interesting trick that may entertain you a lot.  You can make fun with :

How to share blank status, comments and do blank massages on facebook.

Facebook Blank Comments
Blank Comments
  • You can share a blank status and to share Blank Status  Updates just Post Pres Alt +0173.
  • You can also share blank comments and to  share Blank Comments on Friends status Updates Press Alt +0173.
  • For Mobile just give speeches and Copy space and post on comments and status or @ [0:]
  • And you can do the same thing to massage your friend by Press Alt +0173.

These tricks are really awesome and enjoyable. You can use it. If you like our tricks then comment us or you can give us feedback.