How To Get Back Your Lost Files

Hi Friends ! this is Shahin and you are reading our new awesome trick. You can use this trick on your desktop or laptop. This is the best windows trick.
By this trick you can get back your lost files from your Pen Drive, Memories or Computer Drives.

We post a trick like it. But that is only for Phone. If you need to get back your files from phone then click here to read our that post. That was a awesome trick to use. Many of my friends use that trick and they said it is awesome.

You can get back any file from your any devices by using this trick. That’s why I am calling it as a awesome or best windows trick. You’ll need a software. I’ll give that link mayst you can download it very easily. The software name is Recuva.

You can download it from the google. Simply go to google and search Recuva. Now you can see many links. I suggest you a link and that is Select it and download the file. Install it as you install another software. Now run it and click next. Chose your file type you want to recover. Suppose select all file. After that chose the last option and select your device and click next. Now it ask you to do deep scan. You can select it or not. After click start it’ll show your files. If not then click yes to scan deeply. It may take some time. After finish you can see all files and you can select all to recover or yourself. Select a drive in which you want to recover files. Now enjoy your lost files.


It can help you a lot at anywhere. Suppose you are in the office and at that moment suddenly you delete a valuable file. Now what can you do ? It would be presentation and after some time you need it. At that moment what would you do ? Of course you can recover all of your files by this software. It is a very helpful software.

I am giving this shortly bellow mayst you understand easily.

1. Go to and search Recuva.
2. Download it from
3. Install and run it.
4. Chose File type.
5. chose your Device.
6. Select Deep Scan.

Recover Files

Now you can enjoy your lost files. Friends ! if you like this trick then please comment us. You can contact us to give any advice or suggestion. Till next trick be well.