Top Android Tricks – Anti Theft

Hi Friends ! Welcome to our awesome Android tricks. Today I am going to show you a awesome app that can help you so much. It can help you a lot. It is very easy to use but more valuable. This Trick name is How To Launch Mobile Anti-Theft.

Yes can help you to keep safe your mobile. Your mobile will never lost. Your phone will alarm you when it is in a hand of another person. Isn’t it interesting ? Of course it is.

Top Android Trick
Anti Theft Alarm

The app name is Anti Theft Alarm. It is a very useful app. You need to go to play store and search that name. Now you can see many anti theft alarm. Chose the first one and install it.

It is rate is 4.4 means it is a good app. After install it accept term and conditions. It is a free version that’s why you’ll see many advertise. Select charger detection mode. You can active it. But remember that you must be connected with the charger when you active it. It can help to get rest somewhere when you charging your phone. Suppose you are in somewhere and need to go washroom. But you have a fair then your phone can be stolen. At that moment it will help you.

After that option you can see motion detection mode. Enable that option it will ask you for a pin/pattern. Draw your pin or pattern. It’ll say please keep the device down, wait 5 minutes to active it. Now you can see proximity detection mode and open it. You can see that keep device in pocket now.

It’s benefit is when someone want to out your phone from the pocket it’ll alarm you. Yes friends it is very interesting then describe. Now you can see the text activated. After that you can see sim detection mode. Give your pattern. Fill the blanks. You can give there emergency number, email and many thing. Click test and enable your location. Now it’ll warn your to confirm the charges policy. After all this save it.

You can change anything. Change your alarm tune yourself.

Anti Theft Alarm is a wonderful app to use. It can help you a lot. Without this it will difficult to find out your stolen phone. Some time it is impossible.

I am giving this shortly for better than this.

  • 1. Go to play store and install Anti Theft Alarm.
  •  Chose the first one.
  • Accept term and conditions.
  • Active charger detection mode.
  • Motion detection mode.
  • Draw your pattern.
  • Change Sim detection mode.
  • Enable Location.
  • After all Save it.

Now you can enjoy a tension free life about your phone. You can do anything without any tension about your phone. Friends ! if you like our trick please give us feedback by comment or you can contact us to give any suggestion.