How To Create A Beautiful Photo Without Edit

Hi friends ! welcome to my new trick How To Create A Beautiful Photo Without Edit.
According to the present world, everybody wants a great photo to use at anywhere. In the social sites we want to upload a attracting photo that we get more likes or attention. For all these we do many thing. But today I am going to share you a trick which will give you that features. And that operation is so easy to do.

Suppose you want to upload a photo in facebook. And you want so much like or comments from that. So, what will you do ? Of course firstly you will download an app from the play store then install it and yes you have to know how it work. Think for once it is intolerable.

Panaroma mode

To rid out of these things I have a trick. And it will save your time or many things. So, lets know about it.

1. Firstly you have to go your phone camera.
2. Set on it to panorama mode.
3. Click capture.
4. Round your phone as you want.

After all now you have a wonderful photo to use at anywhere.

Small Talk:
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