Top 5 Blackberry Music Apps

Music can be a good friend. When you are alone or travelling, if you have music in your phone it can help kill boredom and change your mood. Almost all smartphones today come with an integrated music player. However, to take full benefit of it by adding more features, you will need to install some music apps. Blackberry has a huge number of audio apps available to cherish your mood. Here are the top ones.
Blackberry Music Apps
1. Songza
Songza is one of the most popular blackberry apps. It has free music streaming service with no monthly listening limit and no audio advertisements. It has a feature named ‘Music Concierge’ which helps you to find the right music to suit your mood. You can browse a custom playlist library which is organized by genre, decade, songs, mood, etc. You can also stream thousands of original playlist which is handcrafted by music experts. And the most interesting feature is you can save your desired playlist and can share on Facebook or via e-mail. Overall it is one of the best apps which you can look for.

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2. TuneIn Radio
TuneIn radio is available on blackberry playbook as well as on android play store. It offers you over 70,000 stations and 2 million shows. You can browse and listen to the radio- live, local, and global. It has a feature called ‘Favorite’ wherein you can save your favorite stations and songs and listen to them whenever you wish to. Additionally, if you sign up for a free account, you can access your Favorite list on the go.

Shake your phone and press the ‘Recommended’ button to explore new stations. You can browse your desired stations from categories like genre, songs, etc. It has pause and rewind features too so that if you missed anything you can skip back to hear it.

3. Slacker
It’s a free personalized radio app on your Blackberry smartphone. You can listen to over 100 expert-programmed stations or you can create your own groove stations for millions of songs. You can play, listen to songs of your favorite artists, and songs on your request. It has enhanced music discovering feature. If you are a Plus or Premium member, you can directly download the music on your phone and play it offline; it will reduce your data cost.

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4. Nobex Radio
It’s one of the best apps in Blackberry. You can listen to any radio station in your country for free. You have access to more than 16,000 stations if you are Premium member. You can share with your friends what you are listening via BBM, Facebook, and Twitter. You can use sleep timer to automatically switch off the music after 1-2 hours. You can also stream YouTube videos of your Favorites songs.

5. 8Tracks
This app lies somewhere between Songza and SoundCloud. It has handmade internet radio. It contains above 600,000 music mixes created by music lovers. You can listen to 8 or more tracks in any style and any song of your mood. You can transit playlist from one to the next in the same category. You can follow your favorite artists as well.

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