Top 5 iOS Games Of The Week

Something or the other gets added to the list of games and apps in App Store. So if you are a game freak, then you must love to be in the loop of whatever new has been launched.

It is hard to keep a track every time, but if you don’t then you will be losing out on a gaming experience that might be just wonderful. It is not possible to dig out each and every game that is published in the App Store, but there are always some, which will attract your attention.
iOS Games
Here is a list of some of the apps that you will surely love to go through.

Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure

You will get this cosmic adventure game at $4.99 on your App Store. You will find yourself in this alien space, but still it will look familiar and once you are there, a clash between the new and old will happen. This is filled with style, drama, nostalgia and humor all at the same time. This falls in the genre of puzzle, challenge and mystery and this is a multiple character game which can be played individually or in a small group. You will surely enjoy this strategic game, no doubt.

Price: $4.99

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Flyhunter Origins

This game also takes place in the alien world, which is located just around the Orbit of the Earth. A tiny mop has to don the cap of a daring Flyhunter and save the world. He has to complete the mission by doing a lot of clean up because the place is all messed up. You will have to dig out the missing expensive bugs prior to The Investors. Though the hero is a tiny one, but the game is big enough and filled with adventures. You can enjoy this game for just $2.99.

Price: $2.99

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Ms. Particle Man

This game is available at App Store for $1.99 and is considered as one of the toughest nail games ever. In case you are not the owner of too much patience, then it is the best to stay away from this game.

Price: $1.99

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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

The legacy of the game is such that you cannot help, but compare. But, in case you are not aware of the previous editions, then also it is okay because it is a magnificent game over all. This RPG adventure game is really a thing to look forward to and it is addictive too. So once you start playing the game, it will be hard for you to stay away from it for a long time. This game comes for $9.99, but it is worth every penny you pay.

Price: $9.99

Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores

You will not be disappointed to play this game after paying $3.99. There are several twists and turns at every stage of the game and you will not be bored while playing this game at all. It is visually beautiful and with the elegant mechanism the game is one of the next games ever to hit the App Store recently. The audio is impressive too and the layers will unravel it as you progress in the game. It is somehow similar to that of the original version, but still there are some differences that are worth it.

Price: $3.99

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