Top 5 Alternate Apps for Whatsapp App

The craze of Whatsapp is simply immense these days as there cannot be any other emphatic way to establish connection with friends than this. On the same lines, if you are not too lucky to have this best app on your mobile, then better not worry. Since, by reading the following article, you are going to know the Top 5 Alternate Apps for Whatsapp App which will give you endless reasons to enjoy to the fullest.

Tango App

Tango AppThe list cannot justify itself if there is no mention of Tango. Its features are at par with that of Whatsapp and it goes overboard than just doing instant messaging. Having a colorful and an awesome user interface, you can easily and effectively ensure calls along with video chats with your friends and others through 3G network. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best substitutes as another feature which is worth mentioning is the “Hold To Talk” since it is quite similar to the voice notes feature of Whatsapp. Therefore, this alternate app for Whatsapp App has its own charisma to die for.

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Kik Messenger App

Kik Messenger AppThe biggest essence of Whatsapp app is to establish contacts with the known people and this alternate app does full justice as well. The craze of this app can be gauged from the fact that it is loved and preferred by people across the globe. Having feature at par with that of Whatsapp, you have the luxury of enjoying awesome and everlasting features.

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Skype App

Skype AppThe list won’t justify if there is no mention of Skype. The thing which is worth mentioning here is that, besides doing instant messaging, it equally has the feature of “Skype-Skype” voice and video calls and the best thing is that you do not have to spend even a single penny to avail this service. The voice is indeed quite crystal clear. In Skype, you do not have to face any sort of issues while Log In and Log out unlike in Whatsapp Messenger as here you can do according to the way you want. Therefore, now you can surely go for smooth and everlasting connectivity away from any sort of problems and worries. Great, isn’t it?

Viber App

Viber AppSimilar to the features of Whatsapp, Viber equally has an additional feature where it uses contact numbers for identification. Now, you have just found a great way towards connecting with people in a fun-filled and happy way. After all, the app acts as a perfect substitute and it surely gives you loads of reasons to enjoy to the fullest as well.

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Line App

Line AppThe craze of this app is equally immense as well as people around the world are using it in an increasing way. It is indeed suited to be the best alternative for the Whatsapp app. Hence, you cannot possibly miss this alternative in any way as well. It helps towards easing you to the core thanks to the facilities which are associated with the app. So, what are you waiting for?

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