Top 5 Alternate Game Apps to Temple Run

How can you keep yourself away from enjoying the exciting and innovative games which have literally taken every body by total surprise? Hence, if you get bored by playing a specific game in the form of Temple Run, then there are reasons for you to cheer up.

Temple RunBy reading the following article you will know the Top 5 Alternative Game Apps to Temple Run as these games will simply take the level of excitement and craze to an altogether different level. These games match the glory and charisma which is associated with Temple Run. Hence, you are promised to again ensure some of the priceless moments which cannot be expressed in mere words for sure.

1# Agent Dash

As the name of the game indicates, it centers around an agent. In this game, you are required to collect diamonds, as it will help you towards buying new gadgets and characters. Play the game to know more about the powers of agents and the preventive measures which the agent has to undertake too.

2# Bad Piggies

Are you looking towards ensuring the best of excitement as well as challenges? If yes, then this game is for you. The game is centered around pigs, which use vehicles made by you for a ride. The challenging moment comes when they have to avoid the challenges on the way by avoiding themselves getting crashed. Therefore, accomplish your desire of playing one of the interesting games to the fullest.

3# Running Fred

This is the game which hovers around Fred which has to counter itself from the challenges. Being small in size, it has to do its best towards protecting itself against Ghosts. Hence, you need to play to know more regarding the measures adopted by it.

4# Angry Gran 2

The excitement of this game lies in its difference. Since, unlike other games you will never associate that 70 years old granny will be playing the main role. Here in the game, the granny has been confined to a specific position as she has been locked. The game advances as to how she makes efforts towards escaping from there. Seems exciting, isn’t it? Therefore, play the game and experience the best possible way to be a prized witness to such a different yet exciting way which will surely make you awestruck to the core for sure.

5# Aby Escape

If there is any game which necessitates you to be electrifying quick, then Aby Escape does full justice towards the same. This is where the main essence of the game lies as it is synonymous with never ending excitement and fun as well. You do not have any other option owing to the fact that your assailants are after you and you have to be at your best. This is indeed the complete reflection of the game as it indeed gives enough sense of fun and excitement as well. Therefore, play the game and experience the craze and madness which is synonymous with it as well.

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