Top 10 Brain Training Apps For iPhone

You might be working hard in the gym to fit your muscles and get a good physique. But, what about your brain muscles??? How you keep it working all time and solve efficient hurdles in less time with no much effort?

You need to solve many puzzles to increase your brain’s agility and some hurdles or exercise must be solved in order to keep your brain muscles working. There are many brain storming apps that will let you keep you mentally fit and agile. All thanks to the iPhone apps developer who has made the best brain training apps to keep your mind fit and solve the puzzles efficiently.
Brain Training Apps For iPhone

1. Math vs Brain

Math vs Brain is the free game in the iTunes store. This app will let you think again and again with the 80 challenges in the game. This game is developed for all the ages and also you can enjoy this game with your friends and relatives. You must need to do exercise to keep your brain working, and the best way is to make it Think. Though this app you can make your brain work. You must collect the maximum stars to unlock the coming challenges.

2. ClockWork Brain

ClockWork Brain is the free game in the iTunes store, where your brain will be tested in the various fields like patterns, spatial, language, and others. This game is one of the best 500 brain training apps in your iPhone. You can also get tokens by accomplishing your task to play Premium games. Also, you can sharpen your verbal skills in 9 different languages.

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3. Charge your Brain HD

Charge your Brain HD is the free brain training app in the iPhone store. This game is the time killer game where you will be given some sets of objects or images where you have to compare them or match them in just a minute. Also, your response time, comparing skills, and logical reasoning will be tested. They have claimed that by this game your brain will start growing and all type of ages from adult to old can play this game.

4. Brain games 2

Brain games 2 has the 5 different puzzles and riddles level where you can play to increase your brain ability. You will be provided tutorials to get to know about different level but that doesn’t mean the levels will be easy. It will get more complex after you complete one level. You will also feel that your IG is growing after level. Different levels are The Last one, Crazy Star, Dim stars, hyper lines, and one way ticket.

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5. Lumosity Brain Trainer

Lumosity is the free game in the iPhone store and it has been used by the 50 million people worldwide. This game is to develop your brain abilities an attentions. Also, it has been designed by the Neuro scientists to train your memory. Also, lumosity game has improved several research studies through its brain training levels. You can play the first five levels of this game for free and for further levels you have to be the Lumosity subscriber.

6. Make 10 plus

Make 10 plus is the math puzzle game specially designed for the kids, where you have to tap tiles and make 10 plus in the less time before the tiles reaches the top. This game can develop the ability to play with the big numbers. If you have problem to make 5 then you can start with Mahjong dots, and if you are prepared for the Make 10 then you can go for Mathletes to make 100. You don’t need to purchase any extra after installing this game for free.

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7. Brain Power I AmbiscienceTM .

Brain Power app allows you have the bundle of 3 apps in one app that lets you adjust of your sound frequency through Ambiscience technology. If you choose a certain frequency, then it starts pulsating two sounds into your brain through an ear, then your brain starts making two different sounds, the difference is called binaural entertainment. Also, if your brain doesn’t respond to binaural then often it will respond to Isochronic.

8. Brain Fitness

Brain fitness is the free brain storming app in the iTunes store where you can train your mind for the upcoming puzzles and riddles. This app lets you to play with various logical levels, math reasoning, and many other tasks where you can keep your brain fit. This involves many recreational tasks, IQ tasks, math tasks, and many more.

9. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness game is the cool game that will leave you smart and satisfied at the end. You can play different levels of the game in order to change the status of your brain at the end. At the end you will be left smart and it has been found that the status of your brain has been shown in the result at the end by the game itself.

10. Brain ChallengeTM

Brain challenge is the comprehensive brain training app in the iTunes store where you can keep your brain working with the various games offered by the app developers. You can play in the Math, Logic, Visual, Focus fields to train your memory for that particular field. Also, you can explore your creativity by playing this game. This game allows or it gives you the freedom to exlore various fields where you can adopt the various techniques to solve brain puzzles.


There are various tasks where you can keep your brain healthy by solving math puzzles, yogas, and meditations. But, in this technology world you will be thinking of the apps that will increase your thinking abilities.

You can adopt various techniques, but if you are smartphone addict, in fact, 90% of the population is then you must go for the brain training apps for iPhone which will improve your visual, thinking, solving puzzles abilities. So, here I have mentioned many apps that will increase your brain’s thinking abilities at the end of each level.

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