Simple Guide to Reset Your iPhone or iPad

There are several reasons you will need to rest the iPhone at the factory, and there are several different methods to do so. Here you’ll learn about 3 different levels of resetting your Apple mobile. First, there is a soft reset where you will just turn your mobile on and off again.

Then there’s a Force Restart for those problems where you cannot do a soft reset, or you might need to follow the most drastic way where you reset your mobile to its original setting.

This post will run through the right methods for all 3, and it covers all Apple Models so it does not matter if you own the recent model.

How to reset iPhone to factory

Need a hard reset iPhone? A factory iPhone reset is a current step, but it is not something that’s done lightly. It is essentially going to delete your iPhone. For the uninitiated, an iPhone factory reset turns back time to when the device was released from, well, the factory erasing all account information, apps, media, and all else you can think of.

This allows you to completely wipe your Apple device so you can sell it or give it to somebody. Plus it can also be helpful if you are troubleshooting some problems with your device. If you are certain it is what you need to do, then read on.

How to soft reset your iPad or iPhone

This is a simple one, you will just be turning your mobile on and off again. This is something you can do when your mobile is still reacting to you, and you only need it to rapidly reboot. If you’ve a device released after the actual iPhone SE, you will need to hold the slider on a genuine iPhone SE, iPhone 5 model or older, you will need to hold down the key on the top of the mobile.

Just drag the slider across and your mobile will turn off itself. Then press the down key again to turn the mobile back on again, and then you have done the simplest recent possible.

How to factory reset iPhone

If you wish to wipe your device totally and return to factory settings, there’re a few steps to take.

How to backup your iPhone data?

  1. You can utilize either iTunes or iCloud to backup your iPhone data.
  2.  For iCloud, just go to the settings than iCloud > back up and make sure that the features are enabled. To see when the final backup was run, look below displayed. If you have not done a backup iPhone before, you can tap the backup now key and follow the guidelines.
  3. To use iTunes to back up your iPad or iPhone, you will need to plug your device into a computer or Mac OS using the charging wire. Click on the iPad or iPhone Icon.
how to backup iphone
How to Backup iPhone

Factory reset your iPad or iPhone

Once you are confident that you have backed up your iPhone or iPad, you are ready to perform a factory reset process. This’ll totally delete your data, which is why having a backup beforehand is so vital.

  1. To reset your device, go to the setting then general > reset and then choose to erase all content
  2. If you have got an iCloud backup, iOS will ask if you would like to update it, so you do not lose unsaved content. We advise you to follow this vital advice, and tap backup then deletes it.
  3. After typing in your pass code, you will get a warning message, with the option to wipe your iPhone in red.
  4. You will need to add your Apple account ID password to confirm the action. The mobile phone will be wiped and go back to the 1st setup screen you saw when you first utilized the device.
  5. You can also completely reset your Apple device through iTunes or iCloud (All depending on whether you have updated to Mac OS Catalina or not). When you plug in your Apple device, you should see a restore iPhone button that will completely reset the Apple device.
Reset Your iPhone
Reset Your iPhone or iPad

Your iPad or iPhone is now ready to sell. Write about this post by comment and share your timeline for future and friends.

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