Top 5 Weather Apps for Android

Weather does not remain the same for ever. You never know if it is windy in the morning, it might even become sunny later in the afternoon. Similarly, clear weather can result in heavy downpour within no time as well. Isn’t it?

The worst part of these sudden changes in the weather is that it hampers your day to day life. Since, without having an idea from before it becomes next to impossible to make alternative arrangements and there you do not have any option but to miss your important business meeting by being stuck in traffic, apart from facing various other unforeseen situations etc. However, now you can have a sigh of relief by reading the following Best 5 weather Apps for Android as your life will not be problematic for sure.

1. Eye in Sky Weather
Heading out for family function or going for an excursion and worried about the prevailing weather conditions? Don’t worry as this weather app will be instrumental towards arming you with the detailed weather forecast for 2 days along with updating you with the present conditions as well as giving you weekly forecasts etc. Hence, you can have a detailed sense of the weather conditions and thereby you can accordingly plan your itinerary as well. Now, rain or inclement weather conditions will not prove to be a dampener in your happiness for sure. Great isn’t it?

2. Yahoo! Weather
Yahoo! Weather is quite an enticing Android weather app since it gives you detailed and authentic update of the weather conditions in your city. This weather app use Flicker to get hold of the snaps of your city and there it emphatically displays the prevailing condition on the home page. Hence, getting in touch with updated weather is not going to be challenging with this app as you can simply get series of updates ranging from daily forecast, wind pressure, weekly forecast and the list simply goes on and on.
3. AccuWeather
The app helps towards keeping yourself updated with the detailed weather conditions in terms of visibility, humidity, the time when sun rises or sun sets along with UV index. Therefore, it gives you a clear cut way to be a prized witness to the changing weather conditions in the easiest possible manner. The app has indeed immense benefits. Isn’t it?

4. The Weather Channel
The reliability and accuracy of the information becomes all the more if the app takes help from not just one or two but whopping 200 meteorologists in order to provide consumers with detailed and updated information. What better way to be in touch with the prevailing weather conditions than getting weather updates every hour. Therefore, you get to know about the severity of weather conditions as well.

5. WeatherBug
The list won’t justify itself if there is no mention of this app. From providing weather alerts, to letting you know about the temperature, wind pressure and humidity of your area, you get the detailed information of the things which are important for you. Isn’t it? The thing which goes towards reflecting the innovativeness of this app is that it helps you know the event when the lightening strikes. Thus, you can be in close touch with all the things which occur in a detailed manner. You are also notified in the event of bad weather.

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