How to Upgrade your Computer the Most Economical ?

Time to time your computer is becoming slow. However, instead of buying an expensive computer. You can learn the following measures to upgrade your computer.

1. Upgrade SSD
Upgrade SSD is one of the great measures that you can apply to your computer. Uncle storage capacity has increased processing speed has increased every action of the machine. Rather SSD will make you feel that you are using a brand new computer.

If before the price of SSD is very expensive, but as the technology development cost and its capacity has been improved a lot so you will not have to worry about the price issue. The market has quite a variety of brands, different capacity, and price difference respectively. Some cheap SSD line is appreciated as the Samsung 850 EVO, the SanDisk Ultra II … You can try the experience will see the difference clearly.

2. Upgrade HDD
If prompted to SSD cannot mention the HDD. To be able to save more, you can also choose to upgrade measures higher capacity HDD to improve the state of the computer. A 1TB hard drive WD 3.5-inch 7200 RPM now only cost 50 dollars, even with more than $ 100 3TB HDD 5400 within.

While a hard drive called hybrid hard drives again (SSHD), it includes a traditional HDD with high capacity flash memory chips attached a small capacity SSD (several GB) to store the cache. However, this type of drive is quite less common.

Before replacing a new hard drive, you read Always back up your data.

3. Add Ram for better multitasking machine
If you think that your computer meets condition slow multitasking, you can think of adding RAM to your computer. You can upgrade the RAM to 4GB to 8GB for computer work better.

Upgrading RAM is not too difficult, the price of RAM now also not expensive (about $ 10 USD each loaioaHay search came to 20 address the credibility to be able to buy quality components with affordable prices.

4. Upgrade the CPU for desktop
This measure is reserved for desktop computers by replacing the CPU quite complex. The upgrade also means that rather CPU always mainboard. There is a small note, you should definitely buy new CPUs will be compatible with current motherboards and socket, use CPU-Z to the information in the Package and choose the correct CPU type.

5. Clean the machine
If you lazy to clean it, a time dust will accumulate dirt that causes overheating, machines work inefficiently. So the purchase of a mini bottle of compressed air to clean the computer in his spare time can make you feel comfortable when using the computer more, performance also improved better.

If compressed air spray still not improve you should take your computer to a maintenance center for cleaning, cream radiators for investigation.

The above are five measures to upgrade computers that efficiency savings pole. Hope it will help you. Good luck.

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