How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet

We know that Whatsapp is a most popular and used social app. Whatsapp helps us a lot. Friends today we are going to share you a awesome trick that can really surprised you a lot. Yes ! today’s trick name is How To Use Whatsapp Without Internet. Are you shocked ? But it is true that you can use it without internet. If you want to know how to use WhatsApp without internet access, we have some suggestions for you. Some are better than others, so read on to find which suits you best.

The trick lies in a SIM which connects you to your friends and relatives on WhatsApp without any internet connection. Several months or may be a year ago, there was no such option to use WhatsApp without internet. Yes, now you can use whatsapp without internet by a sim card.

                    Whatsim : Yes friends, this is the most valuable thing you need. Without this you cannot use whatsapp without internet. So, now you know the importance of this sim. Now a question is running on your mind that what is whatsim.

Whatsapp Without Internet

Whatsim is like a normal sim card. This is a latest sim card which is designed by Manuel Zanella (the CEO of the Zeromobile). Do you know what it do ? This SIM card provides you the facility to receive and send various messages through the WhatsApp. According to the company, the tool WhatSim hooks up to more than 400 operators all around the world (about 150 countries).

What are you thinking ? Is it budget more than your budget ? Don’t worry, priced at a budget-friendly rate of 10 euros. This sim permits you to use whatsapp without internet and that too for a year. Sending and receiving messages , locations and sharing contact numbers are some of the best features of the WhatSim. You can do some more thing like to send multimedia and download related files, users might have to increase the given balance of the sim and that too depending on which geographical location you are living.

For each and every recharge of 5 euros, the users of WhatSim will get about 1,000 credits. In the Zone 3 At India, you need 30 credits to transfer voice messages, 600 credits to share videos and 150 credits for sharing photos on the WhatsApp. Individuals who get the maximum benefits are the students and it is even a boon for people who are residing in low connectivity areas.

Manuel Zanella (The developer of WhatSim) declared that he would be introducing special version of WhatSim at 10 euros for countries which are termed as Global South by the UN. Hope you guys like it. If you like it or you don’t understand comment us to know that we can help you.