PHP Code For Simple Interest

Php Code for Simple Interest Small Software………..Full html + php code. This simple interest is a quick method of calculating the interest charge on a loan in banking and economic sectors.

This php code is used to find the simple interest. You can select the whole php code and past your notepad and save it.

PHP Code For Simple Interest

PHP simple Interest code below:

<a href="?action=interest&x=500&y=5">intesrest</a>
 <input name=action value=minus>
 <input name=x value=500>
 <input name=y value=100>
 <input type=submit value=click></form>
<?php $action=$_GET['action'];
echo $x+$y;
echo $x-$y;
echo profit($x, $y);
 function profit($total, $interest){
return $i;

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