Security Chat On Facebook

Hi Friends ! this is Shahin Alam and welcome to my new trick Security Chat On Facebook.
Yes friends Facebook has launched a new way to chat with your friends.
This is one of the best things of facebook.

Cyber Crime is the most talk of topic of the world. At present hackers are everywhere.
How can you save your necessary things ? To it facebook discover a new way to chat.
Via this way nobody can see your personal massages.

Security Chat On Facebook
Security Chat On Facebook

So, what are you thinking ? Is this a really good thought ? Are you need it ?
Then you are welcome here.

You can set time at messenger. Your personal massages will delate automatically. Even facebook
organization will not able to see your personal massages. This is really a great way to chat.
To Set up the operetion you need to follow the instraction bellow.

1. Firstly download messenger on your phone.
2. Install it.
3. Open it.
4. Of course sign in.
5. Chose your friend.
6. Set the time.

Note: You and your friend should be use the leatest update of messenger.
Without that you will not able to get the benefit of that security massage.
But this feature only available in few countries. So, do not be disapoint.
After some days you will be also able to get the benefit.

Small Talk:
This is a awesome trick. I hope you enjoyed it so much. If you like it please give me feedback.
Stay with me to get new updates. Be well. Bye.