SEO Chain Tutorial of 10 Episodes (episode 1)

This is the 1st part of Search engine optimization (SEO) Chain tutorial of 10 episodes (episode 1). Here we will learn what is Search engine optimization (SEO),It’s purposes and requirements.

What is Search engine optimization (SEO)?

In short, SEO is search engine optimization.Search engine optimization is the process by which a search engine you use to reach your site to everyone free of charge to all by example you will find it it more clear.

We use the Internet, nearly all of them are familiar with the search engine. google, yahoo, ask. Google is the most popular search engine. If we want to know about something then we search in the search engine. If you want some link of indian newspaper you may write ” Indian newspaper links ” in Google search box. After a while you will see many web site links appeared in front of you.
You can think of right now how the sites link appear? Is google itself chosen these sites or someone submit application to Google. Both thoughts are right.But first one is applying and then selecting.Search engine optimization is the combination of these two.So from submitting to the search engine site to sorting correctly is the field of search engine optimization.

To submit a list of all sites in Google search engine results expressed or search engine optimization is the work of the first page of a site’s popularity.Google released the list of requirements,including important considering the quality of the work of SEO the quality of a site for the search engine is to be completed.

Why search engine optimization is needed?

Many of you may think that is the answer to why we do SEO? It is for Increasing website visitors or traffic. A web site is nothing without visitors. The importance of search engine optimization is to increase visitor value. The main purpose of search engine optimization are:

  • Reached easily by everyone on your siteI
  • Increasing popularity of the web site
  • To increase traffic.
  • Different types of acts as a platform for creating income.
  • Information exchange and serves as a solid foundation for survival in the competition.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of SEO can not describe in words. To increase your sites traffic it is must. Today’s era is the era of competition. No one have enough time to remember your site. They want to quickly find the information easily tailored to their needs. For which they use the search engine. Optimization search engine allows you to highlight your site in front of everyone. To promote business to promote your site search engine Optimization is must. Online marketing, new product showcase in front of everyone,including all the new software has made it easy SEO promotion campaign. Therefore, the income from add or online marketing optimization Whatever you say there is no option. For example let’s talk about Google Adsense. A lot of SEO for Google adsense success played a big role. More visitors to click, get, earn all possible search engine optimization through. So I tell you to earn or to increase visitors the search engine optimization is the only way.

What does it take to learn search engine optimization?

If you want to learn how to SEO, then you first have a clear idea about some basic things. These basic things are:

  • Web site idea
  • Chosen performing keywords
  • The concept of back links
  • The concept of page rank
  • Submitting to web site
  • The idea of the good quality search engine
  • The use of meta tags.
  • On-page and Off-page Optimization know about optimization.

These issues are at the top about search engine optimization is very important to have an idea about SEO.
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