Top Things Your Blog Needs To Become Popular

Having a popular blog is the ambition of serious bloggers who desire to make a living from their blogs and blogging. Having a popular blog is very rewarding, not only in a monetary sense, but also for the prestige and significance it can give a blogger in the online space. However, this is not something that can be done overnight, as it takes a certain level of skill, experience and a great deal of use from good ideas. But for those bloggers who are willing to put in the work and the effort, and who are willing to adapt and learn new concepts, blogging success can be a reality.

What NOT to do for a Popular Blog
Internet blogging is a very popular activity, so there is much competition out in cyber space for bloggers. However, you want to make sure you do not go about trying to make your blog popular in the wrong way. With that being said, the biggest no-no that you should take note of is NO SPAMMING! Do not spam social bookmarking and social networking sites about your blog. If you do not have anything interesting, constructive and inclusive to add to these sites, then don’t fake it. You will only turn people away and possibly get banned from the sites.

Tips for Making a Popular Blog

To take your blog to the next level, try these tips for making your blog popular:

  • Have a customized blog design – When people come to your blog you want them to feel comfortable. They are attracted to the unique.
  • Include images – People are attracted by images, so including them on your blog could keep new readers on your page longer and encourage them to check out other pages on your blog.
  • Offer free downloads – People love free stuff! Giving something away for free on your blog could boost your readership.
  • Write guest posts on popular blogs – This is a good way to get noticed. If people like what you write, then they are likely to visit your blog as referral traffic.
  • Promote your blog – Your blog will not be popular if people don’t know about it. Submit your blog to social sites such as Facebook or StumbleUpon, write about it on EzineArticles, and tweet about it on Twitter.

If you want to make your blog popular then there are many ways to do it, so be sure to take advantage of as many of them as possible.