6 Ways to Impress Your Boss

Workplace worry is a real thing. A lot of workers detest the thought of going to work because they are not comfortable working for a mean boss. Unless you quit or find ways to change departments you are stuck with that boss. There is, however, a better alternative you can make them love you, if not at least like you. The ecosystem works in a way that the pond has a leader of the school and there are fishes that are just like you—serving a leader. That is why it is best to know how you can turn the tide to your favor. Here are some tips on how you can make your boss truly impressed.

Put the T on trust
Whether personal or professional, Trust is the beginning of any relationship. The important is to earn the trust of your boss by serving and following the instructions. You can start by making sure that you are aligned with the processes and able to deliver the things before or way ahead of the deadline. This will give an impression that you are doing things that are urgent and important. The boss will seriously consider you to more sensitive work as he builds confidence in your abilities to deliver. Keeping your boss in the dark or blind siding will not do any good.

Treat the boss as a person
There are times that subordinates see their superiors as gross monsters that thirst for their blood. It may work for people working with Godzilla but we have to admit your boss is also a person. Much of the anxiety and stress that happen in the workplace come from uncertainties. That is why you need to take time off to engage in light banter with the boss during breaks or share some moments. Your boss also bleeds the same way we bleed, get hungry the same way we get hungry and root for the same Miami Heat basketball team like you… like you do, right San Antonio Spurs fan.

Ask where you can help
Here’s the thing. If you think the pressure on your job is mounting, try to fill in the shoes of your manager for a day. You will realize that the heat is greater in his position than yours. The boss is constantly being pressured to deliver by the higher-ups and the boss’ head gets chopped off when something goes wrong. That is why it is best to proactively offer help to your superior where you can help. Understanding the goals and the priorities of the boss will help you get a better picture on where you can best help.

Learn from your superior
There are times that you may not like it, but learning from your boss will do more good to your career. There is so much that you can learn from how your boss works. The intangibles like work rate, work ethic and work outlook are the things that you should be on the lookout. You can also learn a lot about hitting the metrics and how to become more efficient in the deliverables so you can finish it ahead of time.

Ask for feedback
When you ask your boss for feedback and always pay attention during coaching sessions, it gives an impression that you are indeed interested. No boss will mind if the feedback will make the employee better. Make ways to enable the boss to recognize your excellent performance and build a character in his mind that you are indeed the best person for the job.

Take the responsibility
If there are things that don’t go as it supposed to, even if it is beyond your control, take the fall and accept the blame. Preparing yourself for the symptoms of anxiety about job security regarding this incident may be gargantuan but it can earn you some much needed brownie points. You will become solid as a rock and earn respect.

Here’s the secret. If you are able to make your boss’ life easier chances are you become an apple of the eye. There is nothing that can make a superior like or even love his subordinate other than giving it all for the work and the tasks.

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