Apple iPhone secret codes and tricks

There area unit some secret codes on mobile phones that only a few users apprehend. Apple iPhone Smartphone’s software iOS even have some secret codes for multiple functions like quick access to setting and etc.

Iphone logoWith these hidden codes for iPhone you may get full information concerning your iPhone and examine or modify the parameters used.

These codes area unit terribly simple to use. you only got to compose on the keyboard of the phone application on your iPhone. within the Phone application, click on the “Keyboard” tab then as if you dial a phone number you wish to enter the hidden codes. currently we’re about to share a number of them with you. Hopefully you’ll realize them helpful.


* # 30 #  – This code enables / disables the phone number calling you.

* # 21 #  – This code displays information about call forwarding (calls, voice and data). With this code, you can forward your calls to a phone number of your choice.

* 3001 # 12345 #  – This code launches named “Application Field Test” (a hidden application). You can see all info about iPhone features in detail as the strength of the GSM signal or information on your SIM, etc..

*777#  – You can know the details of the account or the prepaid balance iPhones with this code.

* # 31 #  – (+ number of the person calling): Allows you to hide your number.

*3282#  – You can use this code to know the information about the use of data.

* # 33 #  – Information on outgoing calls.

* # 06 #  – This code gives the IMEI of the phone. It will work on any Smartphone or mobile of any brand. This code is used to identify a phone see disable its use on mobile networks (in case of loss or theft, for example).

# # 002 #  – This code disables all call forwarding.

*225#  – This code is for checking accounts bill balance (only for prepaid lines).

* # 76 #  – Displays information about the identification of connected lines.

*646#  – You can see the information of the minutes used on your account with this code (only for postpaid lines).

* # 62 #  – information call forwarding if phone is off.

* # 43 #  – Get information on the call waiting.

* # 61 #  – Information on the delivery of the phone call.

* # 67 #  – information call forwarding if busy telephone.

Note: Some of codes will require tapping of call key on your iPhone, actually most of them require call button + tap(means slide it). So if any code doesn’t work just by dialing, you just need to tap the call key and it will work. Infact except the IMEI number one hack code all require call + tap.

These codes are applicable to all models of Apple iphone and definitely for the upcoming iPhone 5. If you know of other codes, share!

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