Best Android Tricks

Hi friends ! how are you ? Hope you’re fine. Today I am going to  give you some awesome trick about android that really useful. You can use it and I think you’ll like it too. And today’s trick is How To Get Auto Like On Facebook and How To Make A Picture Like DSLR.

According to the present world social media is a valuable part of our life. We share our happiness and sorrows in social media like facebook. We post our pictures on it and want to get more and more like from it. Today I’ll show you how to get more and  more like at facebook by your smart phone.

Yes ! you’re right. You can get many like by an app. So friends let’s go and see how to do it.

  1. Firstly of course you need a data or wifi connection.
  2.  You need to go to your Browser and download an app.
  3.  The app name is Apental.
  4. The link of the app is :
  5. Click the download icon and install it.
  6. After install open it.
  7. Login your facebook ID.
  8. Choose a picture to get like.
  9. After select you can see at down Want Like on This ?
  10. Click that and you’ll get like.


Now I am telling you another trick which is very interesting. This trick name is How To Make A Picture Like DSLR. Yes Friends ! this is true. You can customize a picture like DSLR. Isn’t it interesting ? Of course it’s so much interesting. So let’s go and see how to do it.

After Focus like DSLR
  1. You have to download an app.
  2. Go to play store and type Afterfocus .
  3. Download the first one cause second one is for paid.
  4. After Install open it.
  5. You can take a picture, open from your gallery and many more.
  6. After selecting your image you can make it like a picture of DSLR.

Small Talk:

Hope you’re enjoy these tricks. These trick is really useful. If you want to tell us something than please give us feedback or comment bellow.