Get a standard Battery charger for your batteries

Nowadays, solar energy is been employed as an alternative to other energy sources. It is cost effective and solar energy is available for everybody in our environment. Solar car battery chargers are employed to charge most of the car and boat batteries. Solar energy is also used for various other purposes. These solar car battery chargers trickle-charge batteries when they are exposed to the sunlight. Main advantage is solar battery charges trickle-charge even during the cloudy days.

CTEK 3600 battery chargers are used to charge 12v battery without disconnecting from it. This CTEK 3600 charger monitors the battery and trickle charge the battery when voltage drops. This mechanism keeps the battery safe from over charging and the charger is connected to the battery for many months. This battery charger can be used in cars, boats, motorcycles and etc. Since it automatically switches the charging mode, life time of the battery is increased to a great.

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