VoIP: A boon for Internet users

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a remarkable service for the users of the Internet as it allows them to make voice calls via Internet. The technology works on the broadband Internet connections and not on the conventional analog connections via phone lines. Some of the services let the users call anyone with a telephone connection.

Whereas some services are restricted to the users of the same company. You can make calls on international, long distance, mobile and local numbers. A number of companies provide this facility over a computer or a VoIP phone and some even allow the calls to be made via a traditional phone which has been connected with a VoIP adapter.The basic requirement for using this service is to have a broadband connection which can be through DSL, cable modem or a local area connection.

The signal is converted to a regular phone number if a traditional phone is being used and even wireless “hot spots” in places like parks, cafes and airports can be used to connect to the net and make calls. Normally, the VoIP providers let you make calls to the users of the same service for free and a fee is charged if calls are made to another service provider. Depending on the provider, you can pay a fixed flat sum for calls made outside the circle or you will have to pay regular wireless phone charges. The most striking feature of VoIP is that the Internet connection can be used simultaneously while making calls in most of the cases.
There are a number of features available with VoIP that are making it a favorite among the Internet users of today. It lets you to make calls on the go making it a useful mobile service. Features like call forwarding, caller ID, call conferencing and voice mail make it a great option for your communication needs. Some providers might even give you the facility of unlimited long distance calls, bypass taxes and even value added services like integration with software. The fact that calls made using this service are 30 to 90% cheaper than normal telephone calls which make it an irresistible tool to work with.

You can even combine audio, video and data applications together. It means that you can combine the functions of your fax, Email, web discussion and video phone together with your computer. Such a service spells better organization and saves money and time for the user. You can even make your own area codes allowing you to club your friends and family in one regional code, letting you make calls to them for a fraction of the3 cost it would otherwise take. It is a flexible service as you can make calls from anywhere you go by using the Internet. You can use it while living in a hotel, visiting a café and even in your office! As most of the extra functions are provided free of charge, you can enjoy call block facility, caller ID, call forwarding and conferencing at no cost at all. With all the features of VoIP, there is no reason why one should not give it a try.

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