How to Secure Wireless Network ?

Wireless security ensures that unauthorized access to wireless networks is restricted. In the modern technological world, wireless network has become very common in the organizations. This mobile networking, simplified connectivity, but the number of security issues has increased. The integration of wired and wireless networks has created a comfortable platform for intelligent crackers to track the sensitive data of wired network by gaining access to wireless devices.

In most of the wireless networking, there will be a centralized access point called router that enables connectivity among all wireless devices. The system can be made more flexible by deploying ad hoc networks where there are no centralized access points. In that case, the only possible way to secure data is to use strong encryption algorithm to encrypt data before transmitting it.

Several standards have been developed to ensure securing Wireless Security networks. All the LAN devices that are connected to the wireless network must be secured. The users who gain access to the wireless network have to be educated about the legal ways to enter and secure wireless network. The whole network has to be monitored actively to find bogus injection or security breach.

Wifi networking is an eminent networking technology build on basic wireless networking. Wifi ensures connectivity between mobile devices at any time and at any place. Any device with Wifi card can now connect to a wireless access point which is basically a router connected to some other form of network. Wifi connectivity is now offered in most of the public places where the access point is connected to internet. With this networking ability, you can use Wifi card in your laptop, get connected to the wireless hotspot, and start browsing internet at great speeds. Radio waves are used in Wifi technology and these waves can handle large amount of data at a faster rate.

Wifi networks are subjected to more security threats because any device that enters into the accessible distance of wireless access point can get access to the whole network. In this case, if the wireless access point is compromised, all the data transfer that occurs through the network can be easily monitored. With the early 802.11 standard, access to a secure Wifi network is restricted by checking the Mac address of the wireless devices with a prefabricated list of authorized users. The newer IEEE 802.11i encryption standard resolves most of the security loop holes in Wifi networking. If the network in an organization handles sensitive data, it becomes important to deploy personalized security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Few simple steps to secure your Wifi network

  1. If you are using Wifi Modem for your broadband connection for your desktop PC connected using Ethernet cable, disable the wireless option in modem properties.As most of the modems come up with wireless facility enabled while manufacturing.Chances are their your neighbor can easily access your wifi network.
  2. If you are really enjoying your wifi connection in your laptop in your office or home, make sure that you put WEP key in your modem. As it will block unauthorized person to view or use your wifi network.
  3. Switch Off your wifi modem, while your not using it, or leaving your office. Saves you electricity bill as well as secures your wireless network.

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