Wi-Fi: Technology with a Bright Future

We are living in the world of computers and the internet is playing a vital role in that. Wireless internet has changed the scenario of the modern world.
Now, you can enjoy internet facilities on the laptop, mobile phones and any other computing devices. The best part about it is that you can achieve it without being tied to your computer desk.

Wireless internet, known to everyone as “Wi-Fi”, has all the features of cable and DSL and provides its users more or less same speed i.e. 384 kbps to 2mbps. This allows us to carry our online work at a much faster rate. It also enables to setup a wireless network at your home by using a router and helps in accessing different computers in various rooms simultaneously.

This broadband Wi-Fi, which comes inbuilt with most of the gadgets these days, has surely changed the face of the modern technology. With research still going, wifi technology has stored for itself a very bright future.