Skype Pro: Revolutionizing calling on UK landlines

Skype ProWith free PC-to-PC calling, Skype has been the tool that revolutionized our thinking in relation to voice communications. Simply add wireless handset or USB and you are sure to forget all about making emergency calls on standard landlines.

Skype calls are available with discounts, especially in cases when you are making a call abroad. However if you are a heavy user of Skype for calling UK landlines, you have the opportunity of saving more by upgrading the software to Skype Pro. Skype Pro is an excellent blend of paid services and unmetered calls on UK landlines, which will help you in squeezing some extra cash.

You’ll notice very little difference after upgrading to Skype Pro. The only change might be that the credit in your Skype in your account will go up by 4 pounds. This new utility is a reshuffle of its standard package. It’s not an enhancement to the Skype Software. Biggest saving probably comes alongside unmetered calls to any national landline. There’s connection charge of only 3.3p/call and fair-use policy limiting you to 50 hours of talk-time/month.


Since there is no modification in settings, Skype Pro is similar in performance to the standard software. If you are still not into the original, download the new version and use its sample form with free service. At an affordable rate, the quality of calls is also good.

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Easy to use

Since the designing of Skype Pro is similar to its previous version, it continues to remain easy-to-use software. Added features, which include voicemail, might complicate things initially. Still, it remains very simple.

Value for money

Apart from being affordable when it comes to call rates, Skype Pro also provides discount on certain hardware along with numerous service options, which include SkypeIn (your Skype Number for people with landlines).

If you have no problems with a slight reduction in the quality of call, you cannot go wrong with your decision of changing to Skype Pro or Choosing VoIP providers.

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