How To Change WP Username In Less Than 5 Minutes

Have you ever tried changing your WP username in users section of your blog admin panel? Well, if you try to change your username, it says that the username cannot be changed. Well, that’s true.

How to Change WordPress Username?

There are some very simple ways to change the WordPress username without any technical knowledge requirement. You can do it in less than 5 minutes.

Method 1 – Create a New User
This is one of simplest method of changing WordPress username without any technical knowledge required. Create a new username and assign administrative user role to that user and you are almost done.

Go to Users -> Add New

Create a new user profile with your desired name. Fill in all the required details and choose ‘Administrator’ in role.
Add New wp username
After creating the new user, go to the all users list. You can see the newly created user there. Currently, the old user cannot be deleted because you are logged in from that user credentials.

Logout from the old user account and login from the new user account. You can see the old and new users there.

See the below picture. Here the old user is ‘Imran’ & the new user is ‘KaceyEdkins’. You can see a delete option for user ‘Imran’.
wp user

Click on delete to remove the old user from your WordPress account. Once you click on delete,WordPress will ask you to delete all content from old user or attribute it to some other user.

Make sure you attribute all the content from old user to the new user or any other present user in your account. Once you click on Confirm Deletion, you are done with the process.

This is a very simple and easy process to change WordPress username. If you want, you can opt for the email address owned by old user.

Method 2 – Change WP Username using a Plugin
Another simple way to change WordPress username is to use a WordPress plugin – Username Changer

Install the Plugin -> Go to Users – Username Changer -> Select and Change the desired Username and you are done.

If you do not want to add so many plugins to your site, then you can deactivate it once you have changed the username.

This is the best way to change the username if you don’t want to create any new user and delete any old user.

There are many other ways to change the WordPress username, but those are a little bit complicated and require some technical knowledge. The 2 methods shared above to change WordPress username are the simplest ones and widely used.

Hope this article helped you in learning how to change WordPress username for your site. Comment below your thoughts or if you find any difficulty during implementing any of the above 2 methods.

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