How to Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Windows 10 is a great discover of Microsoft. Microsoft launched many windows but windows 10 is the moist popular of them. It has many feature that can help you a lot. But everything has it’s dark side. Windows 10 has some feature that can effect to you as a harassment such as windows 10 automatic updates. Windows 10 will automatically update when it needs. Some time it repellent to the user. That’s why today we will show you the trick that you can stop windows 10 automatic updates.

Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates:

Windows 10 gives you some feature freely. The operating system gives you some best feature that really can helpful for you computer. In this cyber crime world you can’t ignore the security system. Windows 10 such a wonderful version that helps you computer from the cyber crime world. The automatic updates of your computer is a good thing. But most of our people don’t want that and they don’t know how to stop it. So, let’s know about the trick.

If you used Windows 10’s express installation, you might want to tweak some of your settings before you get going. If Windows 10 insists on installing a specific update or driver that’s causing problems, you can prevent Windows Update from installing that particular update. There you can turn off automatic updates from your computer.

You may be face some troubles if you turn off windows 10 automatic updates form your computer. We will show you if you want. There are many trick about it. But you can’t get from them the easiest way. You are at the right place if you want to get it very easily. We are giving bellow the easiest way….

  • Simply right click on your computer.
  • Chose Manage.
  • After that chose Service and Applications.
  • After that chose Service.
  • Now simply press W key.
  • Now find Windows Update.
  • From that you can simple Disable you final option.


Disable Windows 10 Automatic Updates Video:

Through this easy process you can Disable you windows update settings. You will relief from the updates after the change. This is the best ever easiest process to Disable Automatic Update of Windows 10. Hope you like it.

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