How To Launch A Program Quickly

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Many of us—especially users have not enough idea about How To Launch A App Quickly of the Start Menu-less Windows 8—use the Windows taskbar as a quick launch bar, populating it with our day-to-day programs. Many of us use those programs differently. We all Open those programs is as simple as clicking them. But there’s actually a faster way to launch software on your taskbar: Simple keyboard combinations.

Every program to the right of the Start button is assigned its own numerical shortcut, with the first program being “1,” the second being “2,” and so on, all the way to the 10th taskbar shortcut, which gets “0.” Pressing the Windows key, plus the number of the program you want to open, launches it. It means you can open your program by using shortcut key. And that is very easy. You no need to go to start menu. It will save your time. It can give you a lot of experience.

shortcut command
windows shortcut command 


I am repeating the task you need to do for open a program in shortcut and that is, You must press windows key and press the number of the program you want to open at the same time.

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